Yaaradi Nee Mohini 23rd June 2021 Written Update: Simran learns a truth

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 23rd June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Maruthu informs to Swetha that he needs money immediately to pay the advance amount to book car. Swetha lies to him that she helped her friend Maruthu didn’t asked to her before or else she would have give it to him. Server is down in bank so she can’t able to take money from her account too. Swetha says to him that car is important to a business man. Kalai may shared this news to all if he didn’t buy car on time then everyone will mock at him. Swetha asks him to buy money for finance. Swetha adds to him that no one will respect him if he behave like this. Swetha asks him to don’t worry about the interest he can return it in two days.

Maruthu nods to her and calls to someone and asks him to give money to him in finance. He thinks for a while. Swetha talks with him that they are rich in that village. Doesn’t he know about Mutharasan? Sever is down in bank that’s why he can’t able to withdraw the money for urgent purpose. He will pay the interest correctly. Words is important to them Maruthu won’t back off from his words. If he don’t believe Maruthu then he can trust Mutharasan. That person says to Swetha he will give money to him. He asks him to return the money in two days.

Maruthu praises Swetha for helping him out. Swetha says to him that it’s a trick she asks him to inform her after he got the money let’s celebrate it. Simran is taking the medicine. She lost in her thoughts. She reminds that did Karthick said to her about the report. Simran doubts why is Karthick so nervous on that day. She wishes to question someone about this medicine. Her friend Anitha called her she praises her for calling her on correct time. Both chit chatted with each other. Simran informs to her that she consulted the doctor and learns from her that Karthick has some problem.

She is not feeling well because they didn’t send the report yet to her. She asks Anitha to say what’s the actual problem after seeing the tablets. She sends Karthick tablets to her. She checks it and informs to her its just Vitamins tablets. Simran fears she may took medicine wrongly. She sends her medicine picture to her. Karthick enters inside so she diverts the topic and apologies to her after that. Anitha informs to her that Simran has the problem she has no idea why did Karthick lied to her that he has problems? May be he don’t want to hurt her. She asks her to confronts him.

Maruthu receives the money for debt and informs it to Swetha. Swetha appreciates him and provokes him against Mutharasan comparing to his status. Swetha gives some advises to him how to behave in this business field and sends him from there to pay the advance amount for car. Akshaya praises Swetha for giving advise to Maruthu. Swetha tells her she didn’t understand her yet.

She is acting in front of Maruthu and blocks his all way. She will makes sure that Maruthu facing insults everywhere and put all blame on Mutharasan and create right between them. She smiles evily. Mutharasan talking with the village heads about the temple matter. He narrates to them how did Vennila dreamt of Kumbabishekam and Poomari goddess came to his house. He takes all the responsibility of building the temple. He asks Gautham and Karthick to design the temple. Village people assures to Mutharasan that they will support him in everything. Mutharasan gives 10 lakhs to them. Maruthu comes there and enquires to Swetha what’s going on there? She informs to him that Maruthu got debt 5 lakhs but Mutharasan donated 10 lakhs rupees without even asking to Maruthu. She provokes him that this is Maruthu properties too but Mutharasan taking all decision alone.

Episode end.