Yaaradi Nee Mohini 25th February 2021 Written Update: Nambudiri blackmails Chitra’s spirit with Rudra asking her to save Swetha

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The episode starts with Elamaran warning Muthurasan and Arjun. He leaves asking them to find Meenakshi before the sunset and leaves. Muthurasan and Arjun go to serach for Meenakshi. Otherside Meenakshi and Uthra accidentally meet. Uthra shares with Meenakshi that she’s looking for her twin sister Rudra. Meenakshi asks why her parents aren’t with her. Uthra says everyone is busy in solving some problems, her mom isn’t well, while his dad Muthurasan and Arjun sir are looking for a girl named Meenakshi and Suchithra, Anand and Nakshathra went to the temple. Meenakshi decides to go to temple and meet Anand.

At the temple, Indra notices the engagement ring is missing from Nakshathra’s finger and scolds her. Suchitra asks Indra not to scold Nakshathra and suggests looking for the ring. They all start searching for the ring. Anand finds it, but hides from everyone. He says the engagement going missing is a sign that this belongs only to Meenakshi and promises to himself that he will marry only Meenakshi.

Maruduvachi is checking Vennilla. She gets schocked that she can’t sense baby’s pulse in Vennilla’s wrist nor she can feel any movement in her stomach. She informs the same to Venilla, who starts weeping. She asks to talk to Muthurasan. Maruduvatchi phones Muthurasan and informs about not feeling any baby’s movement or pulse. Muthurasan informs Arjun that he’s getting down here as there’s some emergency at home and asks him to continue to search for Meenakshi. Arjun offers him to drop him at home, but Muthurasan refuses him.

Swetha is seen half buried up to neck. Chitra’s spirit comes there. She lists out all misdeeds of Swetha and slaps her multiple times. She gets a sword to kill her, but she was stopped by the Nambudiri. The latter threatens to kill Rudra, who is in his custody if she doesn’t leave Swetha. He also shows Rudra’s video and tells how he kidnapped her. Chitra begs him to leave her daughter. Swetha asks Chitra first to take her out. Chitra removes the sand with her hands and lifts Swetha up. Chitra pleads with her to leave Rudra. Swetha asks her first to promise to get her married to Muthurasan and apologizes to her by falling on her foot.

Muthurasan comes to Vennilla, who cries hard saying she can’t feel their babies. Muthurasan decides to call doctor, but Maruduvatchi stops him saying it seems effects of negative energy so they need positive energy to defeat the negative energy. She tells about Maya, who can help him to remove the negative energy effects from Vennilla, but it’s not easy to bring here, because she doesn’t come to anyone without her own will. Muthurasan is determined to bring here here and leaves.

At the temple, Anand prays to God to show a way stop this marriage. Nakshathra insists Anand to take Suchithra’s blessings. While pending down, the ring falls down from Anand’s pocket. Nakshathra notices it. She happily picks it up and thinks Anand wanted to surprise her. Indra suggests to make Anand wear the ring in Nakshathra’s hand in front of God. Suchithra agrees. Anand prays to God to show Meenakshi before the sunset, else he will dies. He puts the ring in Nakshathra’s finger without any interest.

Kalai, Jannani and Simran goes back to the place where they buried Swetha up to neck. They get shocked not finding Swetha there. Just then Swetha comes there and reveals that Chitra took her out. She shocks them saying that she has brought Chitra under her control and hereafter she will obey her orders only. She can order her to burry all of three up neck, but she won’t. She further says they should be ready to bear many more shocks news and the first shock news swill come in the next 1 hour. She leaves waving bye to them. The trio look astonished.

The episode ends.