Yaaradi Nee Mohini 25th September 2020 Written Update: Swetha and Nilambari ridicule Vennila

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 25th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode begins with Swetha said to Maruthu that we have to catch Vennila as soon as posiible.. Vennila arrives.. Swetha ends the call and take Vennila to Nilambari.. Nilambari asked her why you came late for first day itself..

 she said now only Roshini madam informed so that I arrived late.. Nilambari asked her to go home.. Vennila begged to Nilambari to  give one opportunity..   Later Nilambari accepted her and asked her to do “sweet pongal”.. Poongathai take her to Kitchen.. Nilambari asked Swetha this Appu is something different is it? 

Vennila went into the Kitchen…. Nilambari and Swetha followed her and looked at her…  Vennila tries to keep the gas burning but it does not burn.. Nilambari and Swetha noticed her and ridicule Vennila and asked her to leave the job..  but Vennila begged a lot to Nilamabri.  Nilambari refused her and asked her to leave…. Vennila left home…

Nilambari and Swetha select one contestant and asked him to join from tomorrow..  The latter Muthurasan received a call from a sage. The sage asked Muthurasan to visit “Kolavezhi amman Temple” Swetha arrives and asked with whom are you speaking? Muthurasan insists Swetha that I should to go to a temple by today…. Swetha laments and became upset..

Swetha informed to Nilambari that Muthurasan want to pray so he urge me.. Nilamabri asked her to go..  and said I heard about this temple the prayer will be fulfilled only if the husband goes with wife and prays…but now Vennila is not there so the prayer won’t fulfill.. don’t worry.. go with him…  Swetha became happy and went ….

Vennila by walk came to Kolavezhi amman Temple.. and cries to God.. Later she sat under a tree and feels Later she read the phamplet.. In the phamplet they mention that if anyone with any eye problem will solve by this God.. Devotees come as husband and wife and pray they will soon get the sight….  she read and  prays to the God to send Muthurasan.

Suddenly Muthurasan and Swetha arrives to Kolavezhi amman temple.. On the other side Devaraj MLA asking vote on the road side.  There volunteers danced and explode small crackers.  Swetha looked at him and thought with his help we will catch Vennila soon.  Swetha asked Muthurasan to stand in front of the temple and she went near Devaraj.  Swetha asked him to come down…

Swetha explain everything Devaraj.. and asked to help her. Devaraj agrees…  Suddenly Devaraj volunteers explode heavy fire crackers..   all people afraid of that crackers and ran alternately by pushing each other …. Vennila looked out… at that moment one man pushed the Muthurasan.. Vennila noticed that from the temple and shouts Muthurasan and came near him.. 

With this the episode ends..