Yaaradi Nee Mohini 26th September 2020 Written Update: Appu saves Muthurasan

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 26th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Appu noticed Muthurasan and ran towards him to save.. on the other side Swetha meets the MLA at the temple and seeks his help to marry Muthurasan..

Appu saves Muthurasan during a commotion in the temple.. later Appu accompanies Muthurasan to the temple.
Muthurasan thanked Appu. Appu asked Muthurasan are you came alone for this temple.. He said I came with my wife Vennila… she went to buy pooja plate… Muthurasan worried of Vennila.Appu convinced him.

Appu urge Muthurasan to do pooja… but Muthurasan refuse.. and said my wife went to buy pooja plate…if she come I will do pooja.

Appu said today morning I went to Muthurasan house in search of work..but they refused… there they talking about Muthurasan to recover soon… so that I came to pray for that Muthurasan..

Later Muthurasan asked who refused you? Appu said Nilambari… Muthurasan said hereafter you are the chef to my home. Appu became overjoyed and thanked Muthurasan.

Muthurasan asked her name? He said
Appu. on the other side Swetha search Muthurasan everywhere and laments by saying I asked him to stand here but where he went… she enter into the temple and search…

Appu and Muthurasan came near the God and prays…Swetha constantly search of Muthurasan everywhere. Appu asked Muthurasan to pray.

Appu gets emotional on hearing Muthurasan’s desire. Appu and Muthurasan together performed Pooja..

Swetha noticed Muthurasan and came near him and asked why you came here? I search you everywhere…. Muthurasan said where you went? Swetha lied to him..

Muthurasan tells Swetha how Appu saved him. Swetha spoke to herself that he won’ t get sight soon.. before that I have to marry Muthurasan. Muthurasan asked Swetha shall we go home. Swetha said okay… Muthurasan said we take Appu also together…she asked why? he said Appu approach for a job but Nilambari refused… he saved me..and also helped me a lot.. so we will appoint him as a chef.. Swetha also agrees..

Later, Muthurasan brings Appu to home.Muthurasan call Nilambari…All the family members gather in the hall. Rudra looked at Appu and smiles.. Muthurasan asked Nilambari to appoint Appu as a chef..

Nilambari said we already appointed one chef by tomorrow he will come.. Muthurasan told Nilambari that i said I would give job…later Muthurasan asked Nilambari to appoint the other chef to garden house and asked Appu to appoint here.. and said Appu helped me a lot… so that I urge you to appoint Appu here…

Muthurasan tells their family… everything that happened at the temple. Karthi thanked Appu and said I’m glad that you joined the work …later Janani thanked Appu.

Karthi scold Swetha…

with this the episode ends