Yaaradi Nee Mohini 27th February 2021 Written Update: Meenakshi promises Suschitra

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 27th February 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Anand holds Meenakshi’s hand and says I will marry you or I will die and leaves the room. Suschitra listens to Anand. Suschitra visits Meenakshi and prays that Meenakshi gets well soon. Muthurasan gets ready to perform the ritual and comes to Vennila’s room. Vennila screams. Muthurasan comforts Vennila and asks why are you screaming.

Vennila is confused about doing rituals. Muthurasan comforts Vennila. Suschitra comes to Vennila’s room and says you will do this God will help you. Suschitra comforts Vennila. Muthurasan’s family is getting ready to perform the ritual for Vennila’s child well being. Arjun gets upset. Vasu questions Arjun about the reason behind the grief. Arjun says everything is going wrong. Muthurasan struggled a lot to save Vennila. Now once again the problem. Arjun worries that Muthurasan will perform the rituals without any hindrance. Vasu consoles Arjun.

Kalai suspects that Swetha is planning to stop the rituals. Kalai calls Janani and Simabran and shares with them. Simabran and Kalai suspect that someone helps Swetha. Swetha becomes overjoy. Swetha praises Nambothri’s magical power. Rudra is trapped in the hands of Nambothri. Swetha says Vennila’s baby is in danger, the baby is going to die. Muthurasan is going to stand without an heir.

Swetha says he will marry me after Vennila dies. I am going to bring a Muthurasan heir to this world and smiles. The family is getting ready to perform the rituals. Everyone comes out to the home. All ritual items are ready. Vennila prays to God saying without any hindrance I have to finish the ritual. Suchitra prays to God for Vennila.

Anakilli commences the pooja. She performs the pooja. Everyone prays to God for Vennila. Suschitra asks them to lift the sand basket in their head. Anakilli says we can’t do the ritual without permission. Suschitra and others are confused. Anakilli says we can do this ritual only after the parrot flies and gives permission. Everyone looks at the sky for permission.

Vennila and others are sacred. Suschitra prays to God. The parrot flies. The family begins the rituals. Meenakshi wakes up. Suschitra says Anand hits you in the car. Suschitra says I like you, I will do anything for you but I will not accept you as a daughter-in-law. Meenaskhi tries to hide everything. Suschitra says I know everything, my vote is important for me, I will do anything for that.

Suschitra threatens Meenakshi saying I will die if the marriage does not take place and show the poison bottle. Meenakshi gets scared. Suschitra asks her for a promise. Meenakshi asks a promise to Suschitra. Meenakshi assured that Anand and Nakshatra’s wedding will happen as per your wish. Meenakshi asks Suschitra I will stay till Anand’s marriage. Suschitra refuses and then she agrees.

Maruthu informs Nambothri of the ritual. Swetha asks Nambothri to stop them. Nambothri calls Chitra’s spirit and tells her to stop the ritual. Chitra’s spirit refuses. Nambothri threatens Chitra’s spirit. Chitra agrees and leaves. Muthurasan and his family perform the ritual. Chitra’s spirit sees it.

with this, the episode ends.