Yaaradi Nee Mohini 27th March 2021 Written Update: Swetha is back

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 27th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Muthurasan and his family decide to find Swetha’s whereabouts. The family thinks of an idea to find Swetha. At that moment Nilambari arrives in front of them. Nilambari suggests an idea to the family. Nilambari suggests to publish Swetha’s photo in the newspaper. Nilambari asks Muthurasan to publish that my wife Swetha is missing. The family is in a fit of rage after hears Nilambari’s talk. Muthurasan says Swetha is not my wife. Muthurasan argues with Nilambari. Nilambari blames Vennila in front of Muthurasan.

Muthurasan lashes out at Nilambari when she scolds Vennila. Vennila gets offended and becomes sad. Nilambari talks favorably to Swetha. Muthurasan gets furious when Nilambari talks favorably to Swetha. Nilambari goes inside. Kalai, Simabaran, Karthik advise Muthurasan not to publish in the newspaper. Vennila asks Muthurasan to publish the Swetha missing in the newspaper as Nilambari said. Muthurasan says I won’t do it. Karthik advises Muthurasan that there is a ploy in that don’t do it.

Simabaran says the same to Muthurasan. Vennila tells him to publish. Muthurasan is adamant. Vennila tries to convince Muthurasan. Muthurasan says Vennila that there is a ploy behind this so I won’t do it. Vennila pleads with Muthurasan to publish Swetha missing in the newspaper.

Later, Muthurasan publishes in the newspaper. Swetha notices that posts in the newspaper. Swetha becomes overjoy after seeing the posts. In that posts, they mention that Muthurasan’s wife Swetha is missing. Swetha reads that posts and becomes overjoy.

She calls the ward boy and instructs him to call this number. The ward boy phones Muthurasan and informs Swetha’s whereabouts. The ward boy informs that she is in hospital. Muthurasan informs the family. Maruthu is going to inform Nilambari. Muthurasan stops Maruthu.

The family rushes towards the hospital. Swetha pretends in front of the family. Muthurasan lashes out at Swetha. Maruthu tells him not to scold Swetha. Muthurasan questions Swetha. Swetha pretends that she forgets everything. Vennila shares everything with Swetha. Muthurasan stops Vennila. Muthurasan asks Swetha how will you come here. Swetha lies to the family. Muthurasan is in a fit of rage and goes out of the room.

The family goes out of the room along with Muthurasan. Maruthu asks Swetha what happened. Swetha shares to Maruthu that Muthurasan scolds me I plan to escape from the home. Maruthu asks Swetha why you didn’t inform this before. Suddenly Karthik arrives at the room. Swetha pretends to a patient. The family discharges Swetha from the hospital.

Swetha is back home. Maruthu informs Nilambari. Nilambari rushes towards Swetha and hugs her. Nilambari takes aarthi for Swetha. Nilambari says don’t be happy I won’t leave you and goes inside. Vennila worries about Muthurasan. Muthurasan comforts Vennila. Nilambari, Swetha, Maruthu in Nilambari’s room. Swetha thanks Nilambari. Maruthu asks Swetha why are you thanking Nilambari. Swetha says this all Nilambari’s plan. Maruthu shocks after hears that. Maruthu asks Swetha why do you inform before. Swetha hugs Nilambari.

With this, the episode ends.