Yaaradi Nee Mohini 29th March 2021 Written Update: Muthurasan reveals the truth

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 29th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Swetha is back. Nilambari hugs Swetha. Swetha thanks Nilambari. Maruthu asks Swetha why are you thanking Nilambari. Swetha says this all Nilambari’s plan. Maruthu shocks after hears that. Maruthu asks Swetha why do you inform before. Swetha becomes overjoyed looks at the newspaper. She reads that statement and overjoys. Nilmbari tells Swetha that Muthurasan will accept you as a wife. Swetha is on cloud nine and goes inside.

Muthurasan sits sadly in the room. Vennila puts the children to sleep. Vennila rubs on children’s heads. Rudra and Uthra sleeping on the bed. Vennila looks at them. Muthurasan sits sadly on the sofa. Vennila notices Muthurasan. Vennila questions Muthurasan why are you looking sad. Muthurasan says nothing. Vennila sighs and says the problems are solved now. Vennila says now no one will question us. Muthurasan reminds quietly. Vennila asks Muthurasan where you went that last night. Uthra and the villagers spot you. Muthurasan keeps quiet.

Vennila urges him to answer. Muthurasan tells Vennila not to ask about it. Vennila insists him to tell. Muthurasan says if you hear that you will be worried. Vennila urges Muthurasan to reveal the truth. Muthurasan discloses the truth to Vennila. Muthurasan says that I received a call from an unknown number last night. I was in deep sleep. I picked up the call. That unknown person says I am Uthra’s father. Muthurasan tells him to call tomorrow, but he spoke rudely to Muthurasan. He wants to see Uthra. He urges Muthurasan to bring Uthra and inform the spot.

I went to the spot. He is waiting for Uthra. He searched Uthra in the Jeep. He became tensed and fight with me. He said Uthra is my daughter. I argued with that person. He drunked and argued with him. Muthurasan says you are not her father and tied him and puts in the jeep.

Vennila shocks after hears that. Vennila says Uthra is my child I won’t give her. Muthurasan says I won’t give Uthra to anyone. Uthra gets up and lies in her lap. Vennila rubs Uthra’s head. The next day, Muthurasan dresses up nicely and calls Vennila. Rudra and Uthra come in front of him. Muthurasan inquires Vennila about Rudra. Rudra says Vennila is getting ready.

Vennila brings a bag full of snacks. Muthurasan teases Vennila. Uthra asks Muthurasan where are we going? Muthurasan says we go for a pick-nick. Uthra and Rudra become overjoy. All of a sudden Swetha comes in front of them and asks Muthurasan where are you going?. Muthurasan gets tenses and lashes out at Swetha. Swetha tells Muthurasan that tomorrow is my birthday. Swetha informs Muthurasan that I have a lot of works. Muthurasan humiliates Swetha. Swetha says we are going to cut the cake tomorrow. Muthurasan says this won’t happen. Swetha challenges Muthurasan that you are going to feed the birthday cake. Muthurasan goes out with Vennila.

With this, the episode ends.