Yaaradi Nee Mohini 2nd June 2021 Written Update: Karthick agrees to take a rest

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 2nd June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Karthick is watching movie in his mobile Simran comes there and notices him. Simran sits beside him and takes away the head set from his ears. Simran asks him to talk with her she wanna share one important thing to him. Karthick says to her he has no other work then talk with her. Simran sits there in silent he complaints that she wishes to talk with him but not opening her mouth at all!

Simran alerts him that she gonna share sensitive matter to him so don’t get angry on her. She questions Karthick they didn’t postponed her pregnancy right? Karthick questions her why is she talking like a third person doesn’t she know they didn’t done anything like that? Simran questions him then why didn’t she become pregnant? Karthick says to her its not in their hand pregnancy and baby will be blessed by god. Simran complaints they got married one year before she is not pregnant yet. So she wishes to consult doctor for it. Karthick questions her Is someone said anything to her why is she looked so disturbed?

She deny it and shares to him that she heard what happened here. There is one problem that’s why Maruthu don’t have baby and Poongothai also. But Janani is pregnant now with god grace. Karthick says Kalai baby got aborted. Karthick says to her that he will take her to hospital then she can take all test there. Simran asks Karthick to take test with her. He nods with her. Simran asks him to don’t misunderstand her. She is doing this all for their baby. Karthick nods and tries to be romance with Simran. Both spend quality time with each other.

Maruthu is in register office. Maruthu questions the broker why are they late for registration? He informs to Maruthu they are on the way. Maruthu questions him Is he being the money? He nods to him. Maruthu says that he never thought someone will spend this much amount to this land. Owner comes there and talks with the registrar. They starts teasing the will and documents there. They signed in it. Registrar asks Maruthu to sign as a witness. He signed in it without reading the papers. All formalities are over in register office. They praises Maruthu for finalize the deal. They leaves from there.

Owner informs to Maruthu that he will clear the check after the registration. They don’t know any local people’s here. He needs some people to work in his factory. He needs local people supports to run the liquor factory here. Maruthu assures to him that he will take care of it. Everyone know well about him here. Owner says to him that they agreed to this deal seeing his importance in this village. Maruthu sends them and collects the commission amount from the buyer. Maruthu thinks that real estate is good opportunity to earn money quicker. Matuthu dances in happiness.

Vennila says to Kalai that she is not getting sleep thinking about her problems. Kalai says her problem is not a small thing. She know well Maruthu won’t change at all. This is why she asked them to don’t try anything with him. Vennila says that all drama went waste. Vennila questions her Is he argued with her after Mutharasan fighter with him. Kalai deny it. Vennila advises Kalai
don’t loss hope. Whatever say Maruthu is behind her always. Vennila asks her to keep trying to change him. He will change soon.

Episode end