Yaaradi Nee Mohini 30th June 2021 Written Update: Swetha gives an idea to Maruthu

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 30th June 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

The episode starts with Swetha tells to Kumaravelu that he might be careful near Maruthu or else he won’t return the money to him. Kumaravel says to her that he gave money to him because he is Mutharasan brother and believed her words why is she talking like this now? Swetha says to him that she felt sorry towards him that’s why she alerted him. If he ask him to give the money his brother will definitely settle him without balance. He nods to her. Maruthu gets call from car showroom. He thinks what to answer them? She asks him to pay the remain balance amount.

Maruthu informs to her that he didn’t get the amount so he can’t able to buy the car. He asks her to return the amount to him. She informs to him once the car delivered to showroom then they won’t return the money its not in company rules. Maruthu questions her what’s she talking? He asks her to give the phone to manager. Manager informs to him the same reasoning he selected the color and model. After he read the terms and conditions only he signed in the agreement. Maruthu says to him he didn’t read it. He complaints its his mistake. If he go to court also this will win in this case.

Kumaravel calls to Maruthu and questions him why didn’t he attend the call. Maruthu manages to lies him. Kumaravel asks him to return the amount. He asks him to come out or else he will enter inside. Maruthu says to him that he got problem so he need 1 week time to repay it. Kumaravel lashes out at him and complaint that he won’t listen anyone words when it comes to money matters. Maruthu asks him to understand his situation and wait. He gives one hour time to him to arrange money or else he will talk with Mutharasan.

Swetha smiles seeing his state. Maruthu pretends like nothing happened to Swetha. She asks him to stop acting infront of her. Maruthu shares his grief with him. Maruthu asks her to give the money. She lies to him that she can’t rectify her amount from bank. Swetha tells him that Mutharasan spending lots of money to build temple. If he listens to her idea then he will definitely get the money. He assures to her.

Maruthu goes to his room in rush. Vennila says to Kalai he seems to be angry. Kalai ignores him. Maruthu didn’t lock the door intentionally. Sangeetha pretends like rushing behind Maruthu. Vennila enquires to her what happened? Sangeetha informs to them that Maruthu got money from someone he can’t able to return the money in time. He came and threatened him to return it on time. So he decided to die. Vennila and Kalai are crying there. Everyone asks him to stop doing stupidity.

Mutharasan and Karthick rushes to open the door. Maruthu slips down and breaks his waist. Karthick complaints to Alagappan that he didn’t even lock the door properly before committing suicide. Karthick teases him. Mutharasan asks him to stop teasing him. He advises to him he cares for him and doing everything for him. He is ready to help him in any way except liquor factory. Village people are trusting this farming only.

Episode end.