Yaaradi Nee Mohini 30th March 2021 Written Update: Reporter interviews Uthra

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 30th March 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Muthurasan decides to go for an outing. Muthurasan informs Vennila and asks her to get ready. Muthurasan, Vennila, Rudra, Uthra getting ready for an outing. Vennila gets overjoy and packs a bag full of snacks for an outing.

Muthurasan teases Vennila. The family is in a happy mood. Suddenly, Swetha intervenes and asks them where are going. Muthurasan lashes out at Swetha. Swetha informs Muthurasan that tomorrow is her birthday. Muthurasan insults Swetha. Swetha challenges Muthurasan tomorrow you are going to stand with me while I cutting the cake. Muthurasan goes out of the home. Vennila stares at Swetha while going.

Muthurasan and the children are happy. Vennila sits sadly and remembers Swetha’s words and worries. Muthurasan spends time happily with Rudra and Uthra. Muthurasan notices Vennila. Vennila sits sadly. Muthurasan tells her to eat the ice cream. She reminds quietly. Vennila pours out her grief to Muthurasan. Muthurasan comforts Vennila. Muthurasan advises Venilan that we came here to spend time happily don’t feel sad.

At that moment the reporter arrives near them. They inquire Muthurasan about Rudra and Uthra. The reporter questions Muthurasan about Rudra and Uthra. Muthurasan replies that they are not twins. The reporter won’t believe it. The reporter asks Muthurasan if I can see them. Muthurasan calls Uthra and tells her to call Rudra.

The reporter says the names are even rhyming. Uthra and Rudra arrive in front of Muthurasan. Muthurasan introduces Rudra and Uthra to the reporter. The reporter interviews Muthurasan. Muthurasan says Rudra is my daughter, Uthra and Rudra are not twins. Muthurasan says both are my children. The reporter interviews Uthra. Uthra says when I was young my lost my parents I was brought up by one grandmother. Uthra says now I have a family, parents, sister.

The reporter asks Uthra if you real parents invite you to come with them, will you go with them. Uthra says Muthurasan and Vennila are my parents I won’t leave them and go anywhere else. Muthurasan hugs Uthra. The reporter thanks Muthurasan. The reporter informs Muthurasan that I will send this video to you and get the number from Muthurasan.

Later, Uthra says Muthurasan that never mentions to anyone that I am not your child. Muthurasan says I will never say you are not my child. The next day, Maruthu decors the home for Swetha’s birthday. In the entrance, Maruthu sticks the poster. In the poster,, Swetha Muthurasan cardially invites you to her birthday party. Swetha looks at the poster and becomes overjoy.

Swetha’s relatives and friends come to the birthday party. Swetha’s relatives ask Swetha to show her husband. Swetha says he is getting ready for the party. Swetha goes and calls Muthurasan for her birthday party. Muthurasan humiliates Swetha and tells her to go out of the room. Swetha urges Muthurasan. Vennila advises Swetha not to compel Muthurasan. Swetha cuts the cake. She introduces Nataraj to everyone and declaring that he is Uthra’s father.

Nataraj calls Uthra to go home. Uthra says I won’t come with you. Uthra screams terribly. Muthurasan comes and slaps Nataraj.

with this, the episode ends…