Yaaradi Nee Mohini 30th September 2020 Written Update: The Astrologer pacifies Vennila

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 30th September 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Swetha and Nilambari arrived to Astrologer home for fixing a wedding date.. Nilambari introduced Swetha to him and said three years she loved my son Muthurasan later they decided to marry… but unfortunately Vennila a maid who marry Muthurasan… Last month both meet with an accident.. From that Vennila went somewhere.. So we decide to marry Swetha to Muthurasan..

Later, Nlambari asked Astrologer to look at their horoscope and asked him a date for wedding.. The Astrologer looked at their horoscope and said it not an easy task.. and said lot of obstacles will arise in Swetha and Muthurasan’s marriage…he asked them to leaves the marriage..

Nilambari shocked and speechless.. Swetha said I will face any obstacles… you don’t worry… and urge him a date for wedding… He select some dates and show it to Swetha.. Swetha looked at the dates and select the nearby date and said to him that this date is fine..

 Suddenly the astrologer received a call from Vennila.. Vennila said Roshini asked to visit you shall I come… he asked her to come soon..  Later, the astrologer greeted Swetha and sent her away..

Swetha came out of the Astrologer home and said to Nilambari that somehow this wedding has to happen… Nilambari convince her and asked to take the car… On the other Vennila come to that Astrologer home.. Swetha left from Astrologer home… Auto arrives near Astrologer home Vennila get down from the auto and went inside the Astrologer home..

Vennila said that Roshini madam sent me… Astrologer asked her to sit… and enquire.. Vennila said after a lot of obstacles I married Muthurasan.. We happily lead our life… but now Muthurasan lost his sight and Swetha cousin sister of Muthurasan tries to marry Muthurasan.. Astrologer thought of Swetha and spoke to himself that she lied and she desiring the others life..  Vennila showed the Muthurasan and Vennila horoscope to Astrologer..

The Astrologer pacifies Vennila and suggests her ways to unite to Muthurasan… Swetha search of Cell phone in the car… Nilambari said I think you kept in the Astrologer home… and asked her to turn the car to Astrologer home… Astrologer greeted Vennila and sent her away.. Vennila enter into the auto..  Swetha car arrives near Astrologer home..

Swetha and Nilambari enter in to the Astrologer home.. and said we forgot our cell phone so that we arrived..  Astrologer laughs at Swetha.. Swetha enquire him why are you laughing.. he said I am watching the game of fate live.. Swetha said what do you say? He said after your arrival Vennila arrives and she showed the horoscope.. Once again he said to Swetha that this marriage is not possible.. Swetha challenged Astrologer by saying I will surely marry Muthurasan..  and left..

On the other side Roshini and Vennila arrives to priest.. Roshini and Vennila ask the priest to offer a mud horse to the deity.. First he refused and said we can’t do it easily..

With this the episode ends..