Yaaradi Nee Mohini 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Mutharasan’s stern decision

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The episode starts with Kalai tells to Vennila she will try to follow her advise. Mutharasan is thinking about Maruthu’s word. How did Maruthu asked Mutharasan to behave like elder brother and share the properties to them. Vennila comes there and informs to him that she prayed to god and she is here to give Prasad to him. Mutharasan nods. Vennila complaints that he is not looking happy at all. He looks sad today! Mutharasan deny it.

Vennila questions him Is he worry about Maruthu’s word. Mutharasan says that he is not talking like this out of the blue he used to blame him often. He don’t know to see them as a third person. He never shows partiality to them. Whatever say Maruthu and Poongothai are his brother and sister too. Janani and Karthick are listening to his words unlike them. Why did Maruthu and Poongothai listening Swetha? They are destroying their own life hearing her words.

Mutharasan complaints that he was ready to divide the property after his marriage. But Neelambari the one whom stopped him. Doesn’t they presented there and now blaming him unnecessary and creating a scene here. He doesn’t know to respect his wife also? When Neelambari is back he wanna divide the properties. He don’t need this money and property too. He only need love and peace. If Maruthu accepts Kalai and ready to lead a happy life with her then he is ready to give the property to him. He is ready to give his shares too. But he has no idea what will Maruthu do listening Swetha’s name. Vennila adds that she is feeling sad for Kalai.

She wishes to see something good happening to Kalai. Uttra informs to Mutharasan that lawyer came to meet him. Lawyer informs to Mutharasan one good news for him. Thousand acre land which was on case returned to Mutharasan hand now. His hard work paid back to him this property is belongs to him. Mutharasan sags that he can’t believe it he thought he said like that to convince him. Its totally unexpected one. Mutharasan informs to Vennila that he brought this land in his own money. Vennila feels happy for him. Lawyer leaves from there.

Vennila enquires Mutharasan what’s bothering him? Mutharasan informs to her that he was thinking about Maruthu. He needs properties to live happily with Kalai. He can’t able to divide the property without Neelambari but he can give it to Maruthu because it’s his own property. Mutharasan questions Vennila Is she agree to this? Vennila says she will be happy if Kalai life turns better. She adds that he wanna ask to his siblings first about it. Everyone comes there Maruthu informs to them that his registered property was on case. Now all case was cleared and return to his hand. They appreciate him. Mutharasan informs to them that he wishes to transfer this property to Maruthu reasoning he is always behind money. May be he will accept Kalai after he get this property.

Vennila and Mutharasan has no objection in it. He assures to them that he will compensate to all while driving the property. They agrees to Mutharasan reasoning they are seeing kalai and Vennila equal. Kalai starts crying hearing it all. Kalai thank everyone for being concern for her. She feels emotional after seeing their love on her. Kalai questions Mutharasan why is he giving up his hard work for them? Mutharasan informs to her that they are his treasure not this money. He is earning this much for them. Kalai says to him that she will never forgot his help at all. Kalai turns emotional there.

Episode end.