Yaaradi Nee Mohini 6th May 2021 Written Update: The Doctor advises Swetha to breastfeed Thiruthani.

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Today the episode begins with Vennila suffering from breast pain. Milk froze on her breast. Vennila is unable to feed the child. She cries out of pain. Muthurasan advises Kalai to do some home remedies for Vennila. Vennila thinks about Thiruthani. Kalai brings leaves to do remedy. Rudra and Uthra question Kalai. Kalai shares everything with Rudra and Uthra. Swetha is happy after overhears Kalai’s talk. Swetha talks badly about Vennila. Rudra overhears Swetha while talking to Sangeetha. Swetha’s words annoy Rudra. Rudra argues with Swetha while laughing at Vennila’s condition.

Uthra invites Rudra to pray for Vennila. Rudra refuses and sits sadly with Swetha’s words. On the other hand, Vennila screams out of pain. Muthurasan comforts Vennila. Vennila thinks about Thiruthani even when she is in pain. Muthurasan advises Vennila not to worry about Thiruthani. She keeps lamenting to Muthurasan about Thiruthani. Kalai brings a hand full of leaves to do remedy. Muthurasan tells her to do and leaves the room. Kalai closed the door. Vennila smells the leaves. The leaves smell bad. Vennila refuses to take the leaves. Kalai insists her take it so that the pain will relieve. Vennila says Poonmagal will refuse to take milk if it smells bad.

On the other hand, Uthra urges Rudra. Rudra refuses. Muthurasan comes to the spot. Rudra pours out everything to Muthurasan. Uthra invites Rudra to pray for Vennila. Muthurasan advises Rudra to go and pray for Vennila. Rudra says God is giving us problems why should we pray to God. Rudra says Swetha is doing wrong deeds, god won’t punish her. Why should I pray to God? Muthurasan tells Rudra that God will test us, but he will not abandon us. Muthurasan, Uthra, Rudra pray for Vennila.

Vennila screams out of pain. Kalai advises her to take medicine. Rudra and Uthra pray for Vennila. Vennila feels better when Rudra and Uthra pray for Vennila. Vennila says to Kalai that the pain is gone. Kalai is surprised to hear that. Muthurasan, Rudra, and Uthra meet Vennila. Vennila says to Muthurasan that the pain is gone. Muthruasan says your pain is gone with the prayer of our children. The family spends quality time together. On the other hand, Swetha talks to Sangeetha. Vennila tells Rudra to go and see what Thiruthani is doing. Rudra looks at Swetha’s room. Sangeetha advises Swetha to feed Thiruthani. Swetha calls Thiruthani. Thriuthani faints. Swetha fears the worst and calls Maruthu. Rudra informs the family about Thiruthani. Maruthu calls Doctor.

Muthurasan and the family rush towards Swetha’s room. Swetha calls Thiruthani. He won’t open his eyes. Muthurasan going to lift Thiruthani. Swetha stops Muthurasan. Swetha argues with Muthurasan. Muthurasan tells her to take care of the baby first. She argues with Muthurasan. Muthurasan slaps Swetha and gets the child. Vennila breastfeedsThiruthani. The doctor examines Thiruthani and advises Swetha to breastfeed Thriuthani. She suggests a medicine. Muthurasan suspects that Swetha gets Thiruthani from somewhere.

with this, the episode ends.