Yaaradi Nee Mohini 7th June 2021 Written Update: Maruthu creates a scene in house

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The episode starts with Karthick tells to Mutharasan if he talks with Maruthu then he will loss his respect. He comments that Maruthu won’t change at all. Maruthu informs to them that Mutharasan getting respect because of his money. He complaints that Karthick and Gautham are stick close to him always seeing his money only. Maruthu says proudly that he will buy a new house and 10 cars. He will appoint many servants to serve for him. If he throw money to this village people they will respect him like the way they are respecting Mutharasan. He adds that everyone will come behind him after her shows his real wealth.

Karthick questions him Is he lost his brain? Maruthu complaints that he is talking back at him. Mutharasan asks Karthick to be silent. Karthick insults Maruthu there so Maruthu threaten him that he will kill him if he dare to go against him. Mutharasan warns Maruthu that he will never consider him as his brother but strangle his neck if he tries to take a move against his brother. Karthick asks Mutharasan to be calm down reasoning he is like a barking dog he don’t know to bite at all. Gautham advises Maruthu to listen Mutharasan and accept the land. Maruthu teases him and insults Mutharasan there. Vennila and Kalai comes there and witness everything there. Akshaya and Sangeetha are also eavesdropping their conversation.

Maruthu complaints that all are supporting Mutharasan but soon he will become rich and get the same respect from all. Mutharasan informs to him do whatever he want and leaves. Maruthu calls for Kalai but she stands there without reacting anything. Maruthu asks Karthick to help him to share the recipe to Kalai and asks her to bring Lemon tea to him. Everyone glares him when he starts sharing the recipe to Karthick. Maruthu enters inside the house.

Akshaya starts blabber in tension. Sangeetha questions her why is she blabbering like this? She informs to Sangeetha that Maruthu refuses to accept the 100 acre unaware of its value. If he don’t need it then he would have given it to her right? Akshya says to Sangeetha let’s brain wash Maruthu and gets the 100 acre from his hand. Sangeetha nods with her and leaves. Kalai informs to Vennila that she know well it would have ended up like this. It’s better Vennila and Mutharasan to stop worrying for her future and keep the land in Mutharasan name itself. Vennila advises to her nothing will go wrong soon Maruthu will change and come back to her. She asks Kalai to use Love as her weapon till last. She forces Kalai to prepare tea for Maruthu. Kalai complaints that she can’t even think him as human but Vennila asks her to treat him as her husband.

Karthick and Gautham shares to Mutharasan that they didn’t expected this from Maruthu. He is doing too much after got little amount. Akshaya and Sangeetha questions Maruthu why didn’t he accepts the property? He informs to them that he changed its new Maruthu. He is busy in going behind 500 and 1000 acre so whom need this 100 acre. He is ready to buy that land for money he don’t need anything for free. He asks them to listen him and mentions him as boss hereafter. They says that Swetha is their boss. Maruthu teases them that Swetha won’t give salary to them but he will give.

Akshaya and Sangeetha gets happy agrees to obey him. Kalai brings Lemon tea to him. Maruthu tastes it and spit it out and insults Kalai. Kalai informs to him that she tried her best to prepare it if it didn’t come out well then she can’t able to do anything. Maruthu enquires her about lunch. She says Sanbar and Ladies finger. He complaints that always veg here and gives amount to Akshaya. He asks her to order food for him from outside and offers food for them too. Akshya and Sangeetha leaves happily. Mutharasan and his brother feels unhappy about it. Vennila consoles Kalai and encouraging her.

Episode end.