Yaaradi Nee Mohini 7th May 2021 Written Update: The doctor advises Swetha.

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 7th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with Swetha panics as Thiruthani lies motionless. Muthurasan learns it from Rudra about Thiruthani. Muthurasan rushes towards Swetha’s room. He goes to lift Thiruthani. Swetha stops him. Muthurasan argues with Swetha. Swetha says we called Doctor she will come and see Thiruthani. Muthurasan says we can’t wait till the doctor comes. Swetha is not ready to listen to him. Muthurasan loses his calm and slaps Swetha. Swetha reminds quietly. Muthurasan tells Vennila to take Thiruthani. Vennila takes and goes Thiruthani. She rubs Thiruthani’s hands and feet. Later, Vennila saves Thiruthani. The family heaves a sigh of relief when Thiruthani screams. Muthurasan tells Vennila to feed Thiruthani.

The doctor visits Muthurasan’s home. Muthurasan goes to inform the Doctor. Swetha intervenes and informs the Doctor that Thiruthani lies motionless. The doctor examines Thiruthani. Vennila holds Thiruthani when the doctor examines Thiruthani. The doctor suggests medicine to Vennila. Swetha snatches the medicine from Vennila. The doctor asks Swetha are you breastfeed your child. Muthurasan says Vennila is breastfeeding the child, but she won’t allow her to breastfeed. The doctor advises Swetha to breastfeed so that the baby won’t fall sick. Muthurasan accuses Swetha to the doctor. Swetha argues with Muthurasan in front of the doctor. At last, The doctor advises Swetha to allow Vennila to breastfeed Thiruthani.

Muthurasan tells Swetha to take care of Thiruthani. He tells her to give the medicine on time. Swetha gets Thiruthani from Vennila. Swetha takes care of Thiruthani. The next day, Vennila arranges everything for Chitra’s memorial day. Vennila brings Chitra’s photo and put garland for her photo. Kalai and Janani prepare food. Rudra and Uthra help Vennila. Vennila arranges everything properly to perform puja. Swetha, Sangeetha watching this from the balcony. Swetha says to Sangeetha I suppressed the Chitra’s spirit. Muthurasan and the family come to the spot to perform puja. Vennila calls Rudra and tells her to perform puja for Chitra. Uthra becomes sad when Vennila calls Rudra. Muthurasan notices Uthra and tells her to perform puja for Chitra. Uthra and Rudra perform the puja.

Later, They feed to the crow. Vennila becomes overjoyed when the crow comes and eats their food. Vennila says to Kalai that this is Chitra. Muthurasan remembers his memories with Chitra. He talks to Chitra’s photo that Swetha creating problems every day. Give me the strength to face that problem.

Later, The family is waiting for dinner. Janani asks Vennila we will eat ‘Nila soru’. Vennila refuses. Rudra and Uthra convince Vennila. Janani gets Muthurasan’s permission. All went out. Swetha is jealous when the family is happy. She laments to Maruthu and Sangeetha. The full moon is stunning. The family gathers around on the entrance. Karthik tells Vennila to feed them. Vennila agrees. Kalai sits with Poongamal. Vennila gives rice balls to everyone. They feed to their pairs. The family spends quality time together. Swetha comes to the spot. Karthik insults Swetha. Kalai sits in solitude when others sit with their mates. Vennila is going to feed her Kalai. Maruthu comes near Kalai to feed her. Maruthu asks for rice balls from Vennila.

with this, the episode ends.