Yaaradi Nee Mohini 8th April 2021 Written Update: Swetha’s evil plan

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 8th April 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with The doctor tells Muthurasan about the complications in Vennila’s pregnancy. Muthurasan gets upset after hears about Vennila’s health. Vennila is getting ready for operation theater. Vennila cries knowing the truth about her pregnancy problem. Vennila looks at the family and cries.

Vennila says to the family that anything will happen to me. Vennila screams terribly. The family comforts Vennila. Vennila says to Kalai that if I die take care of my kids. Rudra and Uthra comfort Vennila saying nothing will happen to you. Simabran comforts Vennila saying nothing will happen to you. Kalai looks at Vennila and gets emotional. Kalai says when I was in a wheelchair you saved me through your prayers and rituals. Kalai comforts Vennila saying don’t worry God will save you. Next, Janani comforts Vennila saying we are waiting to see your babies, you are going to have a safe pregnancy.

Later, Karthik and Gowtham comfort Vennila. Vennila says it’s comforting to hear all your speech, on the other hand, I am scared. She looks at Muthurasan and says I am lucky to have a husband like Muthurasan. Muthurasan and Vennila spend quality time together. Later, Muthurasan takes her to the operation theater. On the way to the operation theater, Swetha stops Vennila and says I am going to the operation theater too.

Swetha keeps talking to Vennila. Vennila keeps quiet without talking to Swetha. Swetha says that I would like to see Muthurasan once before going to the operation theater. Swetha keeps talking to Vennila. Swetha tells Vennila that our family is eager to see our children. Later, Muthurasan takes her to the operation theater.

Muthurasan sitting outside and recalls Vennila’s words and gets emotional. Rudra and Uthra comfort Muthurasan. The nurse asks Muthurasan to sign for a cesarean. Muthurasan refuses to sign. Muthurasan gets emotional in front of Uthra and Rudra.
The nurse urges him to sign. Rudra and Uthra comfort Muthurasan and tells him to sign. Uthra and Rudra say nothing will happen to Vennila. Muthurasan signed and give it to the nurse.

Swetha’s doctor takes Swetha to the operation theater. She asks Swetha what baby you want to have. Swetha says it would be nice if I get a boy child. Swetha’s doctor says I will arrange. Vennila is in the operation theater. Vennila faints. The doctor is going to begins the operation. All of a sudden the doctor receives a call. In that call, someone informs that your husband is in danger. The doctor phones Swetha’s doctor and tells her to take care of the cesarean. Swetha’s doctor agrees.

The family members pray for Vennila. Rudra and Uthra perform thopukaranam before God for Vennila well being. Swetha’s doctor informs Swetha and goes to Vennila’s room. Swetha’s doctor performs surgery. Kalai and Simabran are eagerly waiting for Vennila’s babies. Vennila gives birth to a boy and a girl. The nurse is going to inform the family. Swetha’s doctor stops her and asks her to inform the family that she gives birth to two girl babies. The nurse informs Kalai that Vennila gives birth to two girl babies and one child dies at birth. Swetha’s doctor takes the boy to Swetha’s room and gives it to Swetha.

with this, the episode ends..