Yaaradi Nee Mohini 8th June 2021 Written Update: Kalai stops Vennila

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The episode starts with Vennila hugs Kalai and consoles her. Kalai reminds how did Maruthu insulted Mutharasan and cries more. Mutharasan, Karthick and Gautham sits in garden. Kalai and Vennila notices them discussing something with each other. Mutharasan shares to Karthick and Gautham that he didn’t expected Maruthu will behave in this way. He thought he will accept the property and live happily with Kalai. He expects Maruthu will bring happiness to this house but his attittude disappointed him. Karthick says to Mutharasan let’s see how much he will play this game? He will understand Kalai and accept her soon.

Mutharasan says that he lost his hope to change Maruthu. He adds that Maruthu turned to Venom after being with Swetha. He lost his warmness and turned to be a stone now. Nothing can change him it seems. Gautham says he never expected Maruthu refused to accept this property. Mutharasan informs to them he refused to accept the property so he decided to divide this property equally and gives it to Karthick, Janani and Poongothai. Karthick questions him what’s the need of it? Karthick asks him to keep this land on his name that’s better for everyone here.

Mutharasan questions Karthick that will he do with this land? He don’t need it all. Karthick says to him that he brought this land in his own hard work so he only deserved to own this land. Mutharasan says that he don’t need this land it should be in their names. Karthick questions him what will he do if he give all properties to them?

Mutharasan says to him they are his treasure nothing is important to him when it comes to his siblings. He adds that he is earning for his kids he is considering his siblings also like his kids. He already decided to register this land on Maruthu name he refused to accept it. But he lost the interest in this land when he decided to give it to Maruthu so he can’t able to accept this land again. He tells them its his clear decision he is gonna register this land on Karthick, Janani and Poongothai name.

Kalai gets happy to hear it. Mutharasan calls to his lawyer and asks him to change the paper reasoning he decided to give the land on his siblings equally. He assures to him that he will bring then to register office when the paper work are over. Vennila thinks why did he changed his decision out of the blue? She about to talk with him but Kalai stops her. Kalai informs to her she is happy in this decision. She would have feel sad if Maruthu accept this land. He has no idea about the land value and don’t know to maintain it. He will destroy that land so its better to he giving land to his siblings.

Kalai is crying thinking about Maruthu’s word. Vennila comes there and notices her. She enquires to her what happened why is she crying? Kalai informs to her what else she do then this? She is cursed to cry always after married to Maruthu. Vennila tries to console her. Kalai informs to Vennila Even the walls will questions her why is she crying like this but Maruthu is not at all considering her as human being too. He pretends like not seeing and hearing anything. She regrets for marrying Maruthu and crying daily thinking about him. Vennila asks her to don’t give up and trust the god. Kalai complaints that she lost her hope in him.

He is a stone heart person that’s why he insulted Mutharasan like that. Vennila asks her to cry her heart out. Kalai says to her that she decided to leave him if he creates problems again. She is already fed up with him. Vennila says that she needs Kalai may be she is selfish but she will understand her soon. Kalai deny it. Karthick and Gautham comes there along with Simran and Janani.

Kalai and Vennila stops the topic there. Karthick demands them to share with them what’s going on here? Vennila shares everything to Karthick. Karthick advises to Kalai and asks her to wait patiently reasoning its tough to change Maruthu in one week. They needs time to change him. Karthick asks Kalai to consider their effort to unite them. Vennila says that all are worrying for Kalai here even Mutharasu stop concentrating on business. He is hiding the loss from them reason he don’t wanna make them suffer or feel bad for him. He is doing everything to see Kalai happy.

Episode end.