Yaaradi Nee Mohini 8th May 2021 Written Update: Swetha attempts to kill Vennila

Yaaradi Nee Mohini 8th May 2021 Written Update on TellyExpress.com

Today the episode begins with The family spends quality time together with their couples. Kalai sits with Poongamal. Kalai feels lonely when others spend time with their partner. Muthurasan feeds Vennila. Vennila feeds Muthurasan. Swetha and Sangeetha look at the family. Swetha is jealous when the family spends time happily. Karthik insults Swetha when she looks at them often. Kalai imagines that Maruthu speaks lovingly to her. She imagines that Maruthu is going to feed her. Later, she realizes that Vennila is feeding her. Kalai regrets being imaginary. Vennila comforts Kalai. Swetha stares at the family with his evil eyes. Kalai insults Swetha that the evil eye sees us.

Swetha tells Sangeetha that these words won’t hurt me. Karthik shares his joy with the family. The family feels elated. Karthik thanks Vennila and Muthurasan for spending time with them. Karthik asks for rice balls to Vennila. Vennila distributes rice balls to the couples. Janani takes a photo when Muthurasan feeds Vennila. later, all together take a photo. Kalai joins with them while taking photos. Swetha is jealous to see them happy. Swetha and Sangeetha go inside. Muthurasan tells Vennila to pack everything. The family takes everything.

Kalai tells them to stop. Kalai goes and gets Swetha’s feet soil from where Swetha stands. She tells the family to stand together. Swetha and Sangeetha eavesdrop from the balcony. Kalai takes the soil and performs the ritual against Swetha’s evil eye. Swetha looks at that performance.
Sangeetha comforts Swetha. Swetha says one day all will change and goes inside.

Swetha tells Sangeetha to set an alarm to give medicine to Thiruthani at the right time. Swetha and Sangeetha set an alarm and go to bed. The alarm rings aloud. Sangeetha and Swetha turned off the alarm and continue to sleep. Vennila suspects Swetha and coming to Swetha’s room. Swetha and Sangeetha are in a deep sleep. Vennila gives the medicine to Thiruthani. Vennila spends time with Thiruthani. Vennila leans near the sofa for a while. Once every half hour she gives medicine to Thiruthani. The next day, Swetha wakes up and yells out at Sangeetha. Swetha asks Sangeetha Why you didn’t wake me up. Sangeetha says I woke you up but you didn’t wake up. Swetha asks Sangeetha if you give medicine to Thiruthani. Swetha notices the medicine. The medicine bottles are opened.

On the other hand, Muthurasan looking for Vennila in his room. Swetha notices Vennila in her room. She calls Sangeetha to show Vennila in her room. Swetha says to Sangeetha that if Vennila dies Muthurasan will accept me. Swetha decides to kill Vennila. Swetha takes a pillow and goes towards Vennila. Muthurasan looking for Vennila in Swetha’s room. Swetha’s plan fails. Muthurasan wakes up Vennila. Vennila informs Swetha that I gave the medicine. Muthurasan lashes out at Swetha. On the other hand, Uthra imagines that her family celebrates her birthday. Later, she realizes that it was a dream. Uthra likes to meet her grandmother. She is going to ask Muthurasan’s permission to meet her grandmother. Muthurasan is busy and tells Uthra to meet Vennila. Vennila is busy with cooking. No one is ready to listen Uthra.

With this, the episode ends.