Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Will Muthurasan catch the parrot?

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Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a drama series that spins around Muthurasan, a widower, Chitra, his deceased wife and Vennila, a village girl. Nilambari, Muthurasan’s stepmother wanted him to remarry a girl of her choice in order to acquire his property. But Muthurasan marries Vennila, who loves him from the bottom of her heart. Nilambari tries her best to harm Vennila, but Chitra spirit protects Vennila every time…Muthurasan is unaware of Nilambari evil plans..

In the previous week ……… Vennila is surprised at Nilambari, Swetha and Poongothai’s changed behaviour. Nilambari pretends to be nice with Vennila and leads her to change her mind, but Vennila refuses to accept their apologies…

Vennila tells Muthurasan of escaping from the Nambothri. Meanwhile, Swetha and Nilambari frown as Karthik compels Vennila to reveal the truth to Muthurasan.
The family is elated as Muthurasan’s eye sight is restored.. Muthurasan expresses his gratitude to the doctor for his help..Nilambari is aghast to see Swetha back.. Swetha apprises Nilambari of everything..

Muthurasan loses his temper at Vennila as she apprises him of all the occurring. A furious Muthurasan tells Karthik to make arrangements for Swetha and Krishnan’s marriage.

Maruthu conspires to kill Muthurasan, but Nlambari stops him… Muthurasan’s anger disappears when Vennila informs him about her pregnancy. Vennila shares a good news.. An elated Muthurasan shares the good news with the family..

Muthurasan agrees to forgive Swetha. Swetha decides to seek revenge… Swetha laments about her humiliation and shares her plan with Nilambari..Krishnan tells Karthik the reason for losing his sleep…

Swetha’s plan to stop the marriage… Karthik urged Krishnan to go and sleep… Maruthu decided to kill Kalai so that Swetha marriage stop… Chitra’s spirit saved Kalai…Swetha phone Nambothri and asked to change has parrot… Nambothri asked to perform puja… Swetha inform to Nilambari and perform puja… The family makes arrangements for the marriage. Nilambari stops Krishnan from entering Swetha room and foiling the puja. Later, the family frantically searches for Swetha, who turned into a parrot.

In the latest episode… Muthurasan and other search Swetha everywhere… but they unable yo find her… Krishna said don’t search just leave it… Swetha turn into parrot came into front of Muthurasan and Vennila… The priest asked to do one function…

In the next upcoming episode…Vennila asked Muthurasan to catch that parrot… he tries to catch… will he catch that parrot?

Upcoming episode will answer it…

To know about further just stay with us…and find out what happens next….