Yaaradi Nee Mohini: Will Nilambari accept the chef or not?

Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a drama series that spins around Muthurasan, a widower, Chitra, his deceased wife and Vennila, a village girl. Nilambari, Muthurasan’s stepmother wanted him to remarry a girl of her choice in order to acquire his property.

But Muthurasan marries Vennila, who loves him from the bottom of her heart. Nilambari tries her best to harm Vennila, but Chitra spirit protects Vennila every time…Muthurasan is unaware of Nilambari evil plans..

In the previous week As planned, Swetha reaches the temple with Muthurasan and Rudra. Vennila aware of Swetha and Maruthu’s nature meets Muthurasan and Rudra secretly at the temple..Vennila pours her heart out to Roshini.

Swetha and Nilambari are shocked to see the CCTV footage from the temple. Roshini decides to help Vennila. Later, Swetha visits Roshini’s parlour along with Muthurasan. Roshini applies a face mask for Swetha. Roshini asks Vennila to tend to Muthurasan. Vennila gets emotional on hearing Muthurasan’s words. Maruthu informs Swetha about Vennila’s Whereabouts’..

A vicious Swetha asks Roshini to look out for a cook. Roshini taking this as an opportunity dresses Vennila as a chef. Later, Muthurasan raises a doubt as he eats the dish prepared by Swetha. Swetha feels cheated and gets furious on seeing the CCTV footage.

In the next upcoming episode… Will Nilambari accept the chef or not?  Will Vennila caught in the hands of Swetha?  Will Swetha marry Muthurasan?

Will Karthi bring Vennila to home?  Will Swetha agrees to the marriage? Who will win in the challenge? When will Muthurasan get sight?

 Will Karthi tell the truth? How will Muthurasan realize the truth? Upcoming episode will answer it…

To know about further just stay with us…and find out what happens next….