Yaradi Nee Mohini Spoilers: Will Chitra come again?

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Yaaradi Nee Mohini is a drama series that spins around Muthurasan, a widower, Chitra, his deceased wife, and Vennila, a village girl. Nilambari, Muthurasan’s stepmother wanted him to remarry a girl of her choice in order to acquire his property. But Muthurasan marries Vennila, who loves him from the bottom of her heart. Nilambari tries her best to harm Vennila, but Chitra spirit protects Vennila every time…Muthurasan is unaware of Nilambari evil plans.. 

In the previous episode…

Chitra’s spirit threatened Swetha. Swetha visit Nambothri.Swetha asked Nambothri to kill Vennila.Vennila avoided Muthurasan. Swetha brings Nambothri home. Vennila, Muthurasan pray before Chitra. Chitra’s spirit arrives and locked Vennila inside the room. Nambothri coated ash to escape from Chitra eyes. Nilambari console Swetha..

Nambothri asked an old Saree of Vennila and erukkam flower. Vennila, Kalai, Simabran, Janani decor the puja room to perform puja. Chitra spirit furious search Swetha.Muthurasan angrily left home. Kalai phone Vennila. Nambothri advises Swetha to push Vennila in the pond. Swetha follows Vennila. Swetha trapped in the hands of Chitra spirit. Vennila and Uthra stopped Chitra.

Chitra spirit chases Swetha to kill her. Swetha frightened. Kalai, Janani,Simabran stopped Chitra. Later, Vennila and Uthra lay in the middle of the tractor. Muthurasan gets off from the tractor. Swetha escaped. Nilambari comforts Swetha. Nambothri advises Swetha to fall on Vennila leg. Karthik questions Vennila.

In the latest episode…Swetha begs Vennila. Karthik advises Vennila not to believe Swetha. Vennila asked a promise to Swetha. Swetha promises to Vennila. Rudra and Uthra argue with each other. Vennila brings Muthurasan to the puja room. Chitra’s spirit appears and says don’t believe Swetha. Vennila asked Chitra to leave from Muthurasan body.

In the upcoming episode… Chitra’s spirit warns Swetha, and said I will kill you. You are going to die in my hands and disappears. Swetha smirks at Muthurasan.

 Will Vennila performs special puja? Will Chitra’s spirit come again?

All these questions will be answered in the 

Upcoming episode.

To know about further just stay with us…and find out what happens next….