Yeh Hai Chahate 4th February 2022 Written Update: Ruhi spends time with Rudraksh and Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahate 4th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha tells Ruhi that Rudraksh saved the latter in the fire accident because he is brave. Ruhi tells her that the latter changed the party. They finds a hut. Rudraksh breaks the lock and they goes inside. On the other hand, Yuvraj waits for Preesha and says that something is fishy for sure. He tells himself that he won’t let Rudraksh and Preesha meet again.

Preesha finds ingredients and decides to cook ‘khichdi’. Ruhi asks Rudraksh that why he is keep calling her mother as Preesha when her name is Priya. He tells her that he used to call her mother as Preesha when they were friends. Preesha starts cooking ‘khichdi’. Rudraksh plays with Ruhi ( Title song plays in the background ). He finds a clothe and gives it to Preesha and asks her to change it. She asks him to change too. He struggles to wear ‘dhoti’. Ruhi smiles seeing that. Preesha comes out wearing shirt. She moves towards Rudraksh and stands in front of him. They stares each other. Ruhi tells them that she is hungry. Preesha goes to check ‘khichdi’. Rudraksh falls down because of ‘dhoti’. Ruhi laughs seeing that.

She asks Preesha to help Rudraksh to wear ‘dhoti’. She tells her that Rudraksh don’t know anything and it’s her who used to take care of him when he was staying in their house storeroom. She says that he is like small kid. Preesha helps Rudraksh to wear ‘dhoti’. He recalls that how she helped him in the past too. She tells him that she taught him already. He tells her that many things changed in these five years. Ruhi thanks God seeing them.

On the other hand, Vaijayanti asks Sharda that why Rudraksh didn’t return yet. She says that the latter may say whatever but the truth is Rudraksh can’t live without Preesha. She tells her that the latter did wrong by sending Rudraksh with Preesha. Sharda asks her to not misunderstood. Vaijayanti tells her that the latter is not understanding anything and Rudraksh listens his heart always and what if he leaves her. Sharda thinks that, that can happen. She tells her that Rudraksh must have stuck in the traffic and asks her to trust that Rudraksh and Preesha won’t reunite. Sharda hopes that they are fine and prays to God for their safety.

Meanwhile, Rudraksh and Ruhi says that ‘khichdi’ is tasty. Preesha says that they has to sleep now. But Rudraksh and Ruhi denies it and decides to play game. Ruhi suggests to play ‘antakshari’. They starts playing. Rudraksh sings first. Then Preesha sings a song. Ruhi sings and dances with Rudraksh and Preesha.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ruhi sleeps with Preesha and Rudraksh. Yuvraj asks Mukhiya to kill Rudraksh. Other side, Rudraksh gets lift to reach Rothak. Ruhi asks Rudraksh to become her father. Preesha tells her that the latter has father already. Ruhi asks her that who is her father.

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