Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th January 2023 Written Update: Samrat decides to marry Nayantara

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th January 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Samrat finds Nayantara in the samuhik vivah venue. Nayantara notices that her specs got broken and she is not able to see anything properly so she decides to repair her specs after marriage. She goes to the marriage mandap and sits on her place. Samrat misunderstands Rahul as Mohit. In the hospital, Nayantara’s family talks about samuhik vivah. Malati hopes that Nayantara’s husband love Nayantara the most in this world.

Samrat can’t see Rahul’s face due to flower veil. He thinks that he won’t let this marriage happen. Priest asks for khee. Samrat bribes a guy to pour khee on Rahul’s sherwani and take him to changing room. That guy pours khee on Rahul’s sherwani and takes him to changing room.

In the airport, Mohit tells Ishani that everything is going well. Ishani tells him that she want to talk to Grandma. He tells her to call Grandma. She calls Grandma and Chintu picks the call. She learns about Malati’s heart attack and Nayantara’s marriage. She realises that her family forced Nayantara to marry today. She tells Mohit that it’s about Nayantara’s life and she has to stop the marriage.

In the changing room, Samrat makes Rahul unconscious. He tells himself that he will break Mohit’s heart for breaking Aliya’s heart. He gets ready as groom and goes to marriage mandap and sits beside Nayantara. Priest begins the marriage rituals. Nayantara feels lonely. She thinks that it would have been good if Ishani was there with her. She hope that right thing happening. Priest asks Nayantara to keep her hand on Rahul’s hand.

Nayantara thinks that this touch feels familiar. She hears her phone ringtone and picks the call assuming as Malati or Grandma calling. Ishani asks Nayantara to leave from there. Nayantara tells her that no one forced her for this marriage. Mohit notices Samrat’s bracelet and recalls that how he gifted that bracelet to Samrat. Nayantara tells Ishani that she is happy with this marriage and disconnects the call. She decides to wear her old specs. Samrat thinks that soon Nayantara will get to know what happened with her.

Ishani tells Mohit that Rahul is good guy according guy to Nayantara. Mohit tells her that Samrat is sitting on groom place. She asks him that why Samrat will marry Nayantara. He tells her that Samrat would have learnt about their love so he is marrying Nayantara to hurt her. She tells him that no one know that Nayantara is her sister. She says that they have to stop this marriage and leaves from there.

Doctor tells Malati that the latter is fine now. She asks her to not take stress and take medicines on time. Meanwhile, Samrat and Nayantara takes pheres.

Episode ends.

Precap – Samrat marries Nayantara. Malati reaches her house and gets shocked seeing the house condition.

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