Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th July 2021 Written Update: Preesha suspects Mishka

Yeh Hai Chahatein 10th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha asks Rudraksh that why he feels that Ahana lied to him. He tells her that Ahana said to him Mishka fell aside when blast happened but no one saw that and even Police checked that area after blast but they found nothing and now they were buying clothes for kid. She tells him that they should follow Ahana and Mishka. Rudraksh tells her that he will wait for her in the parking area. Preesha tells Sharda that she need to collect her necklace from jeweller so Uncle will drop her in the home.

Ahana and Mishka waits for their cab and get in the cab. Preesha and Rudraksh follows them and Ahana notices that and she informs about it to Mishka. Mishka tells her that they lied to Rudraksh that they are going for birthday party so what are they going to do now.

Rudraksh says to Preesha that if they are right and Saaransh is alive then everything will be changed and he won’t marry Devika and he won’t let her stay with Armaan too. Ahana asks the cab driver to stop the car after noticing that Rishi’s 10th birthday party board and she shows the board to Mishka. Mishka tells her that they don’t have invitation card so how can they enter. Ahana tells her that they can’t lose this chance and they moves inside. Rudraksh also notices the board and tells Preesha that Ahana is not that kind of person who gifts clothes so something is fishy and they also moves inside.

Ahana meets her friend there and lies to her that Rishi’s mother invited her and enters the party venue with her. Security guard asks invitation from Rudraksh and Preesha. They runs inside and hides in the cupboard ( Mein tumhara song plays in the background ). He gets close to her and she asks him that what is he doing for that he replies her saying that there is no space. She pushes him saying that he is taking advantage of the situation.

He tells her that security guard searching them outside and it’s hard to control seeing her this close and he did nothing wrong that so she should not have pushed him like that. After some time, they comes out and enters the party venue through back door. Mishka sees Rudraksh and Preesha and she informs about it to Ahana. Ahana tells Mishka that they should gift this clothes to Rishi in front of Rudraksh and Preesha and she gives it to Rishi.

Rudraksh tells Preesha that he still feels that Ahana lied to him. Interviewer sees Rudraksh and Preesha and asks them that did they decided to live together again. Rudraksh nods at her saying that he loves Preesha so much that he can’t stay away from her.

Preesha follows Mishka and learns that Mishka, Ahana and someone else leaving for London. Sulochana tells Sharda that Rudraksh marrying Devika to stay beside Preesha. Sharda tells her that she saw love for Preesha in Rudraksh’s eyes. Preesha informs Rudraksh about Mishka’s conversation.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha lies to Armaan that she is going to meet Gopal. Later, Armaan learns about Preesha’s lie.

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