Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th February 2020 Written Update: Rudraksha and Preesha got married to each other

Episode begins with Preesha and Yuvraj are getting married with each other inside the jail while Saransh is running around inside the jail. Vasudha and GPS are watching the wedding inside the jail. Vasudha comes forward and does the knot tying ritual of Preesha and Yuvraj.

Saransh somehow comes to the place where the marriage is happening. He noticed that his mother is getting married to a person. Finally the priest says to the groom to put vermilion on Preesha and put a nuptial chain around the neck. The priest says that the marriage is completed and both of you are husband and wife for life.

Yuvraj comes there suddenly and asks to stop the wedding when everyone looks at him with shock. He says what is going on here and Preesha suddenly realised that she got married to someone she doesn’t know. Everyone looks around and Yuvraj comes and unveils the face of the groom and it is turning out to be Rudraksha.

Yuvraj gets berserk and then he breaks all the things in the marriage dias and also breaks the garland and says I don’t approve this marriage at all. He says that I am a judge and a judge has so much power hence he asked the policeman to arrest Rudraksh at that very moment because he married to Preesha unethically. Rudraksha sales but did you have any proof to make your claim true? like you want to say that I came and I took your clothes off and wears them and came here to get married.

Yuvraj says that I will drag you to to quote for this and you will have to face consequences for pulling this fraud act on me. Rudraksh shares do whatever you want but please go to the Minister and commissioner with full proper corporate clothes or else they will not take you seriously.

Saransh comes there and hugs his mother and says to her that I came here with Rudraksha but the police officials are not allowing me inside because I am a kid so I have to come here in a different way. He asked Preesha that Rudraksh says we are not playing games and you are in jail for real. Prashant tries to console Saransh well Rudraksh remains unaffected with all that happenings. Vasudha in GPS and not getting what to do next.

Precap – Rudraksh says to Preesha I got married to you because I want to be a part of Khurana family as this was the last wish of my brother. Yuvraj decides to teach Rudraksh a lesson for playing with him.