Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th June 2021 Written Update: Devika saves Sharda’s life

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Armaan says to Preesha that he loves her. Preesha tells him that same to you and disconnects the call. Next day, Preesha asks Receptionist about Rudraksh’s number saying that she want to thank him for saving her daughter’s life. Receptionist tells her that Rudraksh must be in his cabin and asks her to meet him there.

Rudraksh tries to arrange money for Sharda’s surgery and asks loan from someone. Preesha moves towards his cabin. She enters the cabin but no one is there. Rudraksh asks money from hotel boss. Boss tells him that he can’t give this huge money because Rudraksh joined 6 months back only.

Devika fills the form and asks them to begin the surgery. Doctor tells them that they need to do surgery right now. Sulochana tells him that they don’t have money for surgery. Devika tells her that she will pay the amount. Sulochana tells her that she can’t accept this huge money from her. Devika tells her that Rudraksh did so much for her so this money is nothing in front of that.

Preesha messages Devika. Rudraksh thinks that he already lost Saaransh and Preesha, now he can’t lose Sharda too. Sulochana calls Rudraksh and informs him that Sharda’s condition is critical and asks him to come to city hospital. Armaan calls Preesha and asks her to send flight details to her and tells her that he is missing everyone so much. He learns that Devika transferred 8 lakhs and informs about it to Preesha. She tells him that Devika is not with her.

Rudraksh reaches the hospital and scolds Devika. Sulochana stops him and tells him that Devika helped her to admit Sharda in the hospital. Doctor tells them that surgery is successful. Sulochana tells everything to Rudraksh and asks him that how can he scold Devika like that. Rudraksh thanks Devika. Devika tells him that Sharda is fine and that’s enough for her.

Preesha calls Devika and asks her that where is she now and why she transferred 8 lakhs. Devika tells everything to Preesha. Preesha tells her that she finished packing. Devika tells her that she will reach the airport directly. She informs Sulochana and Rudraksh that she need to leave for airport now. Rudraksh tells her that he will drop her. Sulochana thanks Devika.

Devika talks to Rudraksh about Preesha and asks him to meet Preesha. Taxi stops in the middle of the road. Driver informs them about tyre puncture. They takes another taxi to reach the airport. Preesha and Anvi waits for Devika. Devika thinks that she is going to miss the flight. Preesha takes Anvi inside the airport thinking that Devika will took next flight. Devika misses the flight and learns that Preesha and Anvi left for Goa.

Armaan gets ready to pick up Preesha. Anvi’s grandfather teases him saying that Armaan putting so much effort to get ready because he is going to meet Preesha and asks him to confess his feelings to Preesha. Devika thanks Rudraksh for saving Anvi’s life. Rudraksh thanks her for saving Sharda’s life. Preesha and Anvi reaches Goa. Armaan hugs Anvi first then hugs Preesha. He tells her that he really missed her. Preesha teases him. He asks her about Devika. She informs him that Devika missed the flight.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sulochana tells Devika about Rudraksh’s life. Armaan thinks that Preesha is more than a friend for him.

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