Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th September 2020 Written Update: Preesha gets to know about Gopal’s arrest

Yeh Hai Chahatein 11th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Niketan tells Ahana that he called her to tell Preesha’s secret and that is she is not Saaransh’s mother. Ahana gets shocked hearing him and asks then who is Saaransh’s mother. Niketan replies he doesn’t know but this is what Gopal told.

Ahana thinks so this is the secret Preesha was hiding from everyone and she was trying to find out Saaransh’s father but now she has to find out who is his mother then she will humiliate her and throw her from Rudraksh’s life. In Khurana house, Preesha makes Gopal’s favorite dish for his birthday. In Prison, Niketan asks Ahana to took revenge for him by exposing Preesha in front of everyone.

Ahana says she didn’t forget how he put the gun on her head and what all he did at the Khurana house and there is no emotional connection between them, so she will use that secret of Preesha for sure but for her not for him. 

Saaransh asks why Preesha didn’t invited Gopal here to celebrate his birthday. Preesha says he didn’t attend her call so she has to go to his house. She denies to take him with her saying he has to do his homework but seeing his pleading she agrees to take him to Gopal’s house.

Saaransh informs Rudraksh about Gopal’s birthday and asks him to accompany them to surprise Gopal. Preesha says Rudraksh’s hand is fractured so he should take rest.

Rudraksh says his feet is fine and he doesn’t wanna miss Gopal’s birthday celebration. She thanks him, for that he asks so she doesn’t have any problem if he goes with them. She asks why would she say thanks if she had any problem.

They reaches Gopal’s house and Preesha gets confused not seeing her parents in the house and gets to know from neighbor that Police arrested Gopal in drug case.

Vasudha meets the lawyer whom Yuvraj referred and tells him about Gopal’s case.
The lawyer says he will save Gopal for sure and asks did Yuvraj mentioned her about his expensive fees. He says he charges four lakhs for one hour and this case is difficult one too and asks her to hire another lawyer if she can’t afford his fees then.

Preesha blames herself for not taking care about his parents. Saaransh consoles her saying they are not alone now Rudraksh is also with them.

Preesha calls Vasudha and gets angry when Vasudha lies to her saying she went to long drive with Gopal. She says she knows about Gopal’s arrest. Vasudha tells about the Lawyer’s office. Ahana decide to find out Saaransh’s birth certificate to know about his real mother.

Yuvraj shares his plan to Rahul and tells him how he sent Vasudha to some expensive Lawyer. Ahana searches Saaransh’s birth document in Preesha’s room but finds Preesha’s medical certificate. She decides to visit chennai to know about the truth of Saaransh and Preesha.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ahana reaches Preesha’s medical college to find out her secret. Ahana starts her investigation about Preesha. Preesha asks Police inspector to do finger print test of Gopal to prove his crime.