Yeh Hai Chahatein 12th March 2020 Written Update: Preesha gets caught with Yuvraj in the firmhouse

Pressure comes to the corner and she is waiting for Rudraksh to come and meet her. She thinks due to Saransh, only she has to come and asks for sorry. However Yuvraj comes there to meet her and Preesha gets worried to see him there. she says I already told you not to come here and I am here for a particular goal then why are you interrupting and spoiling the workflow here. She says I already told you million times not to come and meet me like that.

Yuvraj says that you are already got into to the money and the same of Rudraksha so much that now I am making you irritated. Pressure says do not talk nonsense in front of me e and please go away from here before someone can notice us. Yuvraj tries to act like he is getting emotional and he hugs pressure to take the necklace from her neck but Preesha couldn’t understand this while on the other hand aahana is coming there with the entire family to find out where is Rudraksh and Saransh are going.

All of them come to the backward portion of the farmhouse and gets shocked to see pressure is standing there with a waiter in an intimate position. All of them gets shocked to see this and Ahana gets happy that finally she can fulfill the plan of hers which is left incomplete.

Pressure is trying to explain them that she is not doing anything wrong or another anything bad is happening here but nobody is ready to listen to her and everybody is blaming her for getting injured On extra marital affair being married. Saransh gets angry to see everybody shouting at his mother and he tries to defend her but Rudraksh in in inside and he promised that will give full support to pressure and will not leave her alone in this situation.

The parents of pressure compared to and biggest country on Balraj for shouting and becoming abusive for their daughter. Balraj says to them we have no interest to behave in such a way with the daughter in laws of a house but see what your daughter did. GPS gets shocked to see Yuvraj is there in a getup of a catering member. He couldn’t understand how to cope up with the situation.

Suddenly Ahana noticed that the necklace is missing from the neck of pressure. She asks her about the same and pressure seems clueless about it. However, Ahana noticed that the list of the necklace is coming out from the pocket of Yuvraj and she doesn’t want to let go of this opportunity. Hence, she called Yuvraj in front of all and pull out the necklace from his pockets and everybody gets shocked to see this specially Sharda as she gives it to Preesha with so much love. Preesha couldn’t understand how she will face the situation as this is the least she is expecting from Yuvraj. Rudraksha is entirely irritated and disappointed with the happenings.

Precap – Preesha says to Rudraksh he is misunderstanding her regarding the whole matter.