Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th February 2020 Written Update: Preesha handovers the custody of Saransh to Rudraksh

Episode begins with Saransh is crying in the funeral of Preesha and he is crying. People are calling Saransh names and he gets disturbed with it. He starts to push those aunties calling his mother a murderer and Preesha gets up from her sleep with a jerk with screaming his name. She is feeling suffocating and the worry for Saransh made her feel emotional. She remembers the moment she spent with Saransh and decides to take a tough call for his goodwill.

She calls Vasudha to the jail and informs her about all her FDs, insurance and also asks her to get her PF clear from the government sector. She is waiting for Rudraksh in the jail and handovers him a letter about all the necessities and requirements of Saransh and she says I am thinking as a mother Nd that is why I want to handover the full custody of Saransh to you. Please never leave him alone and don’t let anyone raise any finger on him. Rudraksh promised Preesha that he will do anything to protect him from the world cause this was the last wish of his brother.

He goes away from the jail and directly comes to the house of Preesha. He informs the family members of Preesha that he is here to take away Saransh as he is his legal guardian. He says Preesha herself gave me the 100% custody of Saransh. He asks Vasudha to pack the stuff of Saransh and he is aware of the fact that Saransh is his elder brother son biologically.

Vasudha and GPS packs the stuff of Saransh while he is excited for going to the new father house because he thinks it is a part of the game and in this way his mother will make a comeback. Vasudha asks Saransh to be a good boy onwards when Rudraksh understands their state of mind and says to them that he will always be with Saransh and he will be fine there.

Preesha in the jail thinks by now Rudraksh must have taken Saransh away from home and I hope he can stay happy with him now. She cries for her son Saransh while GPS goes out in a hurry to meet someone.

Precap – Rudraksh feels an unknown affection with Saransh hugging him for the first time. Preesha informs Yuvraj about handover the custody of Saransh to Rudraksh.