Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th January 2020 written update: Rajeev comes to know about Yuvraaj is being his blackmailer

Episode begins with Rudraksha comes in the party of his house and says in front of all that Vasudha will not sing in public. Ahana and Vasudha looks at him with shocking eyes. He asks her what is happening in the house? He says he is much older lady than you in age and you shouldn’t behave in such a way. He says she is a mother of someone and she comes there for the sake of her daughter. You shouldn’t behave with her like this and I think you should say sorry to her.

Ahana refused to say sorry to Vasudha and says I am just showing her limit because she has the audacity to come to my house to take away the person I hired for henna ceremony at her own house. Rudraksh says if you can’t then I will say sorry to her. Rudraksh says sorry to Vasudha and says your family members must be worried about you please go there and enjoy your function. Vasudha goes from their AVN Rudraksha also managers and says I am coming to the function after getting ready shortly.

Vasudha comes home and elaborate the entire scenario that took place in the house of Rudraksh to Preesha and GPS. Preesha gets surprised to listening that Rudraksh actually took side of her mother and save her from Ahana. pressure says to her mother that my mehendi ceremony will happen and you will apply mehndi to my hands. Everyone is getting happy in the house and they start to prepare for the mehndi ceremony. Rajiv comes home late at night and he says to the servant of the house that he is not feeling like eating anything right now when Rudraksha comes and confronts him. He said that the marked note of their house and the necklace of his sister-in-law is with pressure.

Rudraksh ask Rajiv what deal he has with that is called and why he is giving so much money one after another. answer anything to rudraksh and stops in railway and says you don’t need to think much about it and you have no right to interrogate me like this.

Rajiv took the receipt from Rudraksha and decides to find out about it in his own way. The next morning GPS is making pressure eat breakfast from his hand when Yuvraj remind him that he has a meeting at the court for choosing the next judge. he says I almost forgot about the meeting in the preparations for marriage when he gets a call from the committee. They suggested the name of Yuvraj pillai to him and he agrees and congratulate shivraj for becoming the youngest judge.

Rajiv comes to the jewellery shop and tries to investigate about the receipt but got to know that the received is fake and the jewellery shop is about artificial jewellery and they don’t even have such an expensive piece of jewellery in their entire showroom. Rajiv got to know from a worker in the shop that Yuvraj pillai brighten for this work and he decides to confront Yuvraj directly now.

Rudraksh comes to meet and event organiser and ask him to prepone the date of his concert to tomorrow so that he can skip his engagement and even asked for double payment as well. He says to Bunty that I want to skip my engagement but I can’t say that directly so I have to look for an alternative way. Rajiv is sitting in his car and decides to find out how Yuvraj is connected to Mahima.

Precap – Rajiv comes to know that she is his own son and Mahima is no more.