Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th July 2020 Written Update: Preesha cancels Rudraksh’s concert

Yeh Hai Chahatein 13th July 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha sings prayer song while doing pooja to God. Rudraksh shocks hearing her voice and wonders how she is singing beautifully. Sharda, Rudraksh and Niketan joins Preesha in prayer. Preesha gives prasad to everyone. Rudraksh asks did she really sung. Preesha asks he heard her voice from upstairs? Rudraksh says he heard her voice that’s why he came downstairs. Sharda praises Preesha’s voice. Rudraksh asks how is this possible when Preesha sings horrible. Preesha says she just played the song sung by her mother. Saaransh says Preesha tricked them perfectly. Sharda reminds Rudraksh about his meeting which his father told him to attend. Rudraksh says Preesha spoiled his sleep when he wanted to sleep more. Preesha says if he is lazy then what can she do, then they starts to argue with each other. Saaransh says they started their fight like always. Rudraksh leaves from there. Saaransh says he is hungry. Preesha says she will make sandwich for him and tells Sharda that she will prepare the breakfast.

Balraj gets angry on Saxena for not coming on time for meeting. Rudraksh asks him to calm down and says there would be any reason that’s why he is not here till now. Balraj gets call from Saxena and shocks learning that Preesha cancelled the concert. Balraj scolds Preesha for taking this much big decision without his permission. Mishka tells Ahana that their plan flopped because at end moment because Yuvraj didn’t came. Ahana says she have to throw Preesha out from the house as soon as possible but doesn’t know how. Ahana calls Yuvraj from Mishka’s mobile and mocks him for not coming and wasting her time. Yuvraj says he knows it’s Mishka and cuts the call after scolding her. Ahana shocks knowing that Yuvraj knows she called from Mishka’s mobile and informs that to Mishka. Mishka asks what will they do now. Ahana says they have to make new plan to use Yuvraj.

Preesha says social distancing is important that’s why she cancelled the concert and sended all servants to their home. Balraj scolds her for taking this much big decisions. Rudraksh says Preesha’s way is wrong but she did the right thing. Balraj asks how can he support her. Rudraksh says he is just supporting the right thing because in this situation doing concert is risky. Niketan says Preesha did the right thing and Balraj should be proud of his daughter in law. Preesha says now servants are not here so everyone have to do their job and have to help in household chores. Niketan says Ahana , Rudraksh and Mishka will help her. Rudraksh says he will do only to help his mother. Preesha asks him to handle the cleaning. She asks Ahana and Mishka to come to kitchen to help Sharda. Ahana denies to help saying she have work. Niketan asks her to help instead making excuses. Rudraksh falls down while cleaning the floor. Preesha laughs seeing that later helps him. She teaches him how to clean properly. Mishka sees them together and gets angry.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha complaints to Police about Saaransh’s missing case.