Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th January 2020 Written Update: Rajiv got to know about Saransh being his biological son

Episode begins with Bubbles arrives at the house of Preesha and greets all of them for the preparations of music ceremony in the marriage. Saransh says nothing is going right in the house as this people have decided to do Bharatnatyam in the sangeet. Saransh says to Preesha you promised me that you will perform a couple dance with Yuvraj uncle.

Saransh asked Bubbles to take Preesha to the car and he will be back soon after giving a call to Yuvraj. Saransh took out the medal of best dad that he brought and decides to give it to Yuvraj as he has become his father now.

Preesha comes to the house of Yuvraj and at the same time Rajiv also arrives there. Saransh made Yuvraaj agree for the couple dance. He took both of their phones away so that they don’t get disturbed in the middle. All of them are practicing the dance when Saransh noticed a kitty is stuck on a tree and he goes to rescue it.

Rajeev noticed Saransh is climbing up the tree alone. He noticed that Saransh is trying to save the Kitty and he goes near the tree to save Saransh. He says to Saransh not to look down then he will panic, instead listen to him carefully. The medal of world’s best that fall from the pocket of Saransh and goes into the neck of Rajiv. Rajiv looks at the middle when suddenly Saransh slips and falls on the ground and got hurt. He immediately rushed to the hospital with him and in the meantime, he messaged Preesha about the same.

He comes at the hospital with Saransh when the nurse asks him to fill the form. He says he will do it but he has no knowledge about the medical history of Saransh. He again tries to call Preesha but she is unreachable. Yuvraj and Preesha put a halt in their practice and Yuvraj says I am really tired now. Preesha checks her phone and find out that Saransh is taken to the hospital and he is injured. She rushed to the City hospital and finds Rajiv there.

Another side, Rudraksh is successful in postponing his engagement with Mishka. He also informed the same to you brother and says meet me at the rehearsal hall directly. Preesha comes to the city hospital and asks Rajiv about Saransh. Rajiv says he is admitted but she needs to fulfill the form.

nurse comes and ask Preesha to donate blood as Saransh survived huge blood loss.suddenly the doctor comes out and she appears to be a known person to Preesha and both of them start to converse with each other. The lady doctor says Saransh is a son of your elder sister Mahima right ? and Rajiv gets to hear it and realised he is the father of Saransh.

Precap – Rudraksh gives a wrist watch to Rajiv on his birthday. Rajiv decides not to let go of Saransh at any cost.