Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th July 2021 Written Update: Devika learns about Rudraksh’s lie

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh informs Preesha about Krishna Khurana’s London ticket. Preesha tells him that seems like Ahana changed Saaransh’s name and taking him to London. He tells her that he also thinks like that only and decides to catch Ahana red-handed. Then they fights to sleep on the bed and she goes to sleep on the couch and he sleeps on the bed.

Other side , Devika thinks that Rudraksh will be surprised seeing her in the hotel and her car gets punctured. Armaan calls Devika and asks her that where is she now. She informs him about her car’s tyre puncture. He tells her that he will come to pick her. She decides to surprise Rudraksh tomorrow. He comes there and takes her from there.

Next day, Rudraksh hugs Preesha from back who was getting ready in front of the mirror. He tells her that he likes her shampoo’s smell. She pushes him aside and moves from there. He asks her that what happened to her and did he affected her. She asks him to stop talking nonsense. He asks her to look at his eyes and demands her to accept that his presence affects her. She makes an execuse and goes to the kitchen.

After some time, she comes out of the kitchen and tells him that they should find out that Krishna is Saaransh or not because tomorrow Ahana leaving for London. He tells her that they should search Ahana’s house.

Two person comes to Ahana’s house saying that they are from pest control. She tells them that she didn’t call them. He tells her that building’s owner called them and asks her to leave the house for few minutes. She informs about it to Mishka and they leaves the house. He calls Rudraksh and informs him that Ahana and Mishka left the house. Rudraksh and Preesha enters the house. Rudraksh asks that guy to do his work and tells Preesha that they have 10 minutes to find evidence.

Preesha tells him that one room is locked. He tells her that Saaransh must be there and they unlocks the door and finds lot of toys there. They wonders that where is Saaransh now. That guy asks them to leave saying that Ahana may come any time. Other side, Devika reaches the hotel and learns that Rudraksh is not there because he took a week off for his marriage

Preesha tells Rudraksh that she is afraid that Ahana is right. He tells her that Saaransh is alive and receives Devika’s call and asks her to not disturb him because he is in the hotel with guest. She asks him that why he is lying to her because she is in the hotel only. He tells her that he was in the hotel but came out for work and disconnects the call. Preesha asks him that how can he talk to Devika like this. He tells her that he don’t care about anything else except Saaransh for now.

Devika calls Preesha and informs her about Rudraksh’s lie. Preesha asks her to calm down saying that there must be some reason that’s why he lied to her and decides to do something. After some time, Preesha calls Rudraksh and asks him saying that she is in hotel diamond and she is in danger. He reaches the hotel and gets surprised seeing the decorations then shocks seeing Devika there.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh tells Preesha that he don’t love Devika. They sees a shadow of kid with Ahana and Mishka.

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