Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th June 2021 Written Update: Vasudha asks Preesha to marry Armaan

Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Armaan praises Anvi’s dance saying that she learnt it quite soon. Anvi gives the credit to Vasudha. Vasudha tells them that Anvi is her best student. Armaan informs Preesha that he have acquired a chain of hotels so now it will run under their brand name. Preesha and Anvi congratulates him. He thanks them and tells Preesha that to celebrate this success, he is planning for party and tells them to go for shopping. Anvi asks Vasudha to join them. Vasudha agrees to join them for Anvi’s sake. He tells them that he will drop them in the mall.

On the other hand, Rudraksh informs Sulochana that Doctor discharging Sharda but suggested to hire a nurse for Sharda and leaves from there saying that he has work in the hotel. Sulochana tells Doctor that she will take good care of Sharda. She thinks that they can’t afford to pay for nurse. But Doctor forces her to hire a nurse so Sulochana agrees with him.

In the parking area, Preesha waits for Armaan. Few goons comes there and tries to misbehave with her. One of the goon holds her hand and she asks him to leave her and screams for help. Armaan comes there beats them. Preesha recalls that how Rudraksh rescused her in the past. Vasudha sees that and asks Anvi to wait for them in the shop. She goes to Armaan and asks him to leave the goon. Armaan asks the goon that how dare he to touch Preesha. She stops him and asks him to come to his sense. She asks Preesha that if she is fine then goes to bring Anvi. Armaan asks her that if she is fine and hugs her.

In Delhi, Rudraksh gets confused seeing Devika in his house. She informs him that she cancelled her flight and she is going to stay in his house only until Sharda recovers completely. He tells her that no need for that. She tells him that she is not doing anything for him because now she is Sharda and Sulochana’s friend so she is doing for them. He asks her to leave from there. Sulochana asks him that how can he talk rudely with Devika and Devika came to help them knowing about their situation.

Preesha treats Armaan’s wounds and scolds him for beating them mercilessly. He tells her that they touched her so how can he stay silent. She tells him to not do anything like this in the future for her and leaves the room. Uncle tells Armaan that the latter not able to hide his feelings and Preesha is not fool to not understand all this.

Vasudha tells Preesha that Armaan loves her. Preesha tells her that she and Armaan are good friends that’s it. Vasudha tells her that the latter’s life stopped after Saaransh’s death and Rudraksh won’t return to her life so she should live her life and asks her to marry Armaan. She tells her that she can’t love anyone again.

Uncle tells Armaan to confess his feelings to Preesha. Armaan decides to propose Preesha in the party. Devika takes care of Sharda. Preesha gets afraid seeing lizard and falls in Armaan’s arms.

Episode ends.

Precap – Preesha informs Armaan about Devika’s love. She informs Devika about party. Rudraksh decides to go to Goa with Devika to see Preesha.

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