Yeh Hai Chahatein 14th September 2020 Written Update: Yuvraj takes stand for Gopal

14th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ahana tries to get Preesha’s medical treatment records from hospital Receptionist. But Receptionist denies to give any information to her without management authorities permission. One Ward boy was hearing everything. Vasudha’s neighbors taunts her and Gopal saying they would have took Rudraksh’s favor to get rid of prison otherwise it’s not easy to release in drug cases. They talks ill about Preesha and Gopal.

Rudraksh gets angry hearing them and says Preesha’s family favored him by giving Preesha to him and whatever he will do for them it will be less in front of what they did for him. He asks if they are in problem what their son in law’s will do and they are right it’s not easy to release in drug cases but Gopal is innocent that’s why he is here now and someone tried to make him guilty in drug case deliberately. He shows Gopal’s report to them and asks how can they make fun of Gopal when they knows him from years. He warns them to not anything to Gopal’s family because he won’t tolerate it.

Ahana thinks how to get the information from record room. Ward boy approaches her and says he can help her unofficially but asks money from her. She agrees to give money to him. He asks her to come next day saying he has to do the arrangements. Ahana thinks she can spend more than this amount to know Preesha’s secret.

Vasudha’s neighbors apologize to Vasudha and Gopal and Praises Rudraksh. Gopal gets emotional and hugs Rudraksh to show his gratitude to him for standing by his side. Rudraksh gets call Balraj and he asks him to reach home soon saying he needs him. Preesha asks her parents to take care of themselves and not hide anything from her from now on.

In Khurana house, Balraj hugs Rudraksh and says he is so proud of him. Rudraksh gets startled with his sudden hug and with his behavior.

Preesha gets confused too. Balraj says Rudraksh got music icon of the decade award. Rudraksh gets happy and says it was Rajeev’s dream. Balraj says he is first person who got this award in such a young age. He congratulates him and says he gonna celebrate it with party by inviting everyone.

Preesha was about to say something but Rudraksh goes to his room and talks with Rajeev’s picture saying it would have been good if he was with him to receive the award together and he misses him a lot. Preesha calls him to eat. He says he is not hungry so will eat later. She says she too will wait with him to eat together.

Hearing her he says let’s eat because he is little hungry. She says she used to thought he was such a useless person but when she started to know him she realized that he is best son, best father and best human being too. He asks is she okay because she is praising him a lot today. She says Rajeev will be really happy for him and proud of him too.

Mishka tells the party plan to Ahana. Ahana says Balraj didn’t said anything about the party. Preesha feeds Rudraksh and Sharda smiles seeing them together. Yuvraj gets to know about Gopal’s release and informs that to Rahul. Rahul says Yuvraj can’t do anything and gets to know about Rudraksh’s celebration party. Yuvraj says they should attend the party to spoil it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ahana searches Preesha’s file in record room. Rudraksh decides to confess his love to Preesha and Yuvraj hears him.