Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th January 2020 Written Update: Rajiv decides to bring Saransh home

Episode begins with Rajiv overhears the conversation of Preesha and the doctor. He got to know that Saransh is his and Mahima biological son and Mahima is no more. Rajiv gets upset to hear that Mahima died during the delivery of their child Saransh and he goes to pray to God. He recalls the events of past when he got to know from Mahima for the first time that she is pregnant and he is going to become a father. He was very happy and he went to his father to talk about divorce and the news of Mahima being pregnant.

However, Balraj was not ready for that and he even threatened Rajiv regarding this and says if you become adamant then I will throw that girl away from your way. He even approached Ahana as well but she didn’t agree for the divorce and he couldn’t take it.

He decides to keep Saransh with himself from now on as he doesn’t want to lose her at any cost because he is the last sign of his love and Mahima. He promises to himself that for the sake of my own son if needed I will fight with my father and my wife as well but this time I won’t sit quiet. He comes out from the temple area and decides to meet Saransh in the hospital cabin but pressure is already there so he is hesitating to enter. He asks a staff member of the hospital to call Trisha for submitting the deposit.

Meanwhile he entered the cabin and talks with Saransh and for the first time he touched him and shows his love for him. Rudra is trying to reach out his brother battery Rajiv is unreachable on phone. Pressure brings Saransh home and they called off the ceremony of sangeet due to his sudden accident.

However they are planning to recall the marriage event as well but Yuvraj and Saransh both managers to make them understand that calling of the marriage will not be a good idea.

Saransh made pressure agree for the marriage to happen the next day and says I am very much fine to attend the event. Rajiv brings the favourite sweet of Rudraksh and says he wants to give a good news from his side but he has to wait for it.

Rudraksha says to himself that I love to see you smiling brother and this is what boost me for life. he is planning to give a surprise party for the birthday of Rajiv which is scheduled on day after tomorrow.

Precap – Rajiv confronts Yuvraj at a lonely place.