Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th November 2023 Written Update: Karun takes Arjun to Diwali Mela

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with driver tells Kaashvi that Karun’s father said thanks to her. Kaashvi asks him about Dadi. He informs her that Dadi is taking rest and leaves from there. She goes to Dadi’s room. Dadi asks Kaashvi that what happened in the office. Kaashvi informs her that she got promotion but she has to shift to Faridabad so she rejected it. Dadi tells her that the latter is refusing to stay in Faridabad because Arjun lives in this city. She says that past is affecting present life of Kaashvi. She asks her to move on in her life, because Arjun moved on in his life many years back.


Kaashvi tells her that she don’t want to face Arjun. She says that she came to Faridabad because of special mission. She adds that her job is done so they should leave Faridabad. Dadi tells her that she just want Kaashvi’s life filled with happiness. Kaashvi says that no one can take Arjun’s place in her life and Arjun won’t return. Dadi asks her to take her to Diwali mela because tomorrow the latter is free. Kaashvi nods at her.

Karun asks Arjun to take him to Diwali mela. Arjun tells him to not trouble others. Karun promises to not trouble others.

Next day, Karun asks his family to come out. Everyone gets ready to go for Diwali mela. Jagdish tells Arjun that Karun is carbon copy of Arjun. Romila taunts her husband for getting ready late. Karun calls Mahima to get ready fast. Mahima tells them to go first and she will join them later. Everyone leaves from there except Mahima.

Dadi tells Kaashvi that they are getting late. Kaashvi asks Dadi that if it’s necessary to go to Diwali mela. She says that Arjun may come there. Dadi tells her that many people will be there and they should enjoy their last day in Faridabad. She convinces her to get ready. Kaashvi goes to get ready.

Karun gets excited seeing games and firecrackers. He tells Arjun that he want to play all the games and eat all the food. Romila says that they should eat chaat first. Jagdish takes Micky and Monty with him. Karun takes Arjun to cotton candy stall. Mahima thinks that she can enjoy mela with her friends if Karun stayed with Arjun then.

Dadi and Kaashvi comes there. Dadi shows cotton candy to Kaashvi. They moves towards it. Kaashvi moves aside to talk on a call. Karun takes Arjun to balloon shooting stall. Dadi buys cotton candy.

Karun fails to shoot so Arjun helps Karun. Mahima thinks that she has to act like good mother until her friends comes. Karun and Arjun wins teddy bear. Karun gives the teady bear to Mahima.

Episode ends.

Precap – Goons plan to kill Kaashvi.

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