Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th September 2020 Written Update: Bunty advises Rudraksh to confess his love

Yeh Hai Chahatein 15th September 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Gopal said it was his mistake that he believed a stranger and brought him to the house. Rudraksh calls Gopal and invites him and Vasudha to party. Gopal denied to attend his party saying considering his condition it will be problem for everyone. Rudraksh says he doesn’t care what others says but it matters for him if he doesn’t come to his party and tells him about the award.

Gopal and Vasudha congratulates him. Rudraksh says his happiness will be incomplete if his family members is not with him to celebrate his success. Vasudha tells him that they will attend the party for sure. Sharda says Rudraksh did good by inviting Preesha’s parents. Mishka thinks what middle class people will do in high class party.

Rudraksh struggles to remove his hoodie and Preesha helps him in that and says he has lot of ego that’s why didn’t asked her help. He said she wasn’t there that’s why he didn’t asked her help. For that she replied he should have called him and they argues with each other.

To tease her he asks her to help him to remove his jeans too, hearing him she shocks and runs from there and he laughs at her. She comes back and pushes him on bed, he drags her too with him and they stares each other. He thinks she knows to read eyes so he should tell her about his feelings or not. Hearing Saaransh’s voice they comes to sense. When Saaransh asked what he will wear for party, Rudraksh said he will arrange designer dresses for him and Preesha.

Ward boy help Ahana to enter the record room and asks her to search by herself in 30minutes otherwise she may get caught and if Police arrests her it will be problem for him too. She gives the money to him and gets keys for lockers.

She starts to search Preesha’s medical treatment file, seh finally gets her file and gets annoyed seeing Preesha’s name as Saaransh’s mother. Balraj wants everything perfect in party. Bunty reaches Khurana house and takes blessings from Sharda. She tells him to meet Rudraksh in his room.

Rudraksh gives the dresses to Saaransh and Preesha. She complaits to give about her saree color and blouse pattern. She denies to wear that saree, for that he says it’s his party so she should wear his selection and they starts to argue. Seeing that Saaransh gets irritated and asks them to do blink game whoever will lose have to listen others wish.

Preesha and Rudraksh stares each other without blinking and it becomes difficult for him and by cheating Preesha wins the game. He says she touched his face that’s why she won. She says there is no rule that she can’t touch him so it’s fair only. Bunty sees everything and smiles.

Rudraksh says how can she do this with him when he brought the saree for her with love. She says his emotional blackmail won’t work on her this time and already weard his choice on Bunty’s marriage. Bunty meets them and takes Rudraksh with him. Bunty tells Rudraksh that he can clearly see love for Preesha in his eyes.

Rudraksh says nothing like that he just misunderstood. Bunty asks then why he wished to see her in his choice of saree and asks he still thinks she murdered Rajeev. He says finally Rudraksh fall for someone so he should confess his love to her. Balraj taunts Rudraksh for inviting Preesha’s parents to the party. Rudraksh says they are most important for him than his other guests.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh tells Bunty that he is going to confess his love to Preesha. Yuvraj hears him and says he won’t let them become one. Yuvraj dances with Preesha which irks Rudraksh. Yuvraj follows Preesha and hugs her. Everyone sees them in hugging position.