Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th July 2021 Written Update: Rudraksh fails to convince Preesha

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh decides to call off the marriage and he informs his decision to Preesha. Preesha recalls Thakur’s and stops Rudraksh saying that past won’t return and their path is different now and so their world so they should live in their own world and they can’t live together and tells him that she has kid and husband and they needs her that’s why she can’t live with him. He asks her that how can she kill her love and why she is deceiving herself. She tells him that he is not accepting the truth that she is married woman and she has family and he need to accept that Armaan loves her so much and Armaan handled her when the latter left her and how can the latter ask her to leave Armaan for him.

She tells him that Devika trust her so much and reveals that Devika attempted suicide when Sulochana called off the marriage so she can’t become selfish and can’t break Thakur’s heart for him and destiny snatched Saaransh from them so destiny will decide their future life too and leaves the house. He tells her that he will drop her because at this time he can’t let her leave alone. She reaches Thakur mansion. Anvi runs towards her and hugs her. Devika tells Preesha that she missed her so much.

Rudraksh reaches Khurana mansion and recalls the moments he shared with her and also their last conversation. Meanwhile Preesha cries recalling the moments she shared with Rudraksh and asks God that why he snatched Saaransh from her. Rudraksh talks to himself saying that destiny brought them together but why she is torturing him and also herself and why can’t they live together.

Next day, Devika tells Preesha that she is stressed so much that she didn’t even sleep properly and asks her to notice the dark circles. Preesha makes her sit on the bed and asks her to calm down saying that the latter will look world’s best bride today. Devika asks her that if the latter is sure. Preesha tells her that she is 100% sure and asks her to enjoy the marriage. Devika thanks her and asks her that will Rudraksh takes care of her like the latter takes care of her. Preesha tells her that Rudraksh loves wholeheartedly. Devika tells her that Rudraksh loves her so much and leaves from there.

Armaan comes there and asks Preesha that did they forget anything to arrange. She asks him to relax saying that they arranged everything. He tells her that he feels like he forgot something and he wants this day to become best day of Devika’s life and leaves from there.

Sulochana and Sharda talks about Devika. Sulochana tells Rudraksh that she is excited that he is going to start his new life. Bunty tells Rudraksh that now everything is fine. Rudraksh decides to talk to Preesha once again and leaves the house and message her to meet him outside her house. He tells her that how can she kill their love and asks her to admit that she want to live with him. She asks him to leave from there. He tells her that he can’t live without her and hugs her and cries. She hugs him back and cries. Armaan wintesses that.

Episode ends.

Precap – Devika learns the truth of Rudraksh and Preesha. Armaan calls off the marriage.

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