Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th November 2020 Written Update: Preesha punishes Rudraksh to torture him

Yeh Hai Chahatein 16th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha thinks Rudraksh would have ordered champagne but she won’t let get successful in his plan. He comes out of the washroom and takes medicine. She shows champagne to him. He gets happy seeing that. She says she didn’t even confessed her feelings but he is ready to do everything and says she didn’t expected this from him. He gets confused hearing her. She says he went alone to order this. He says he didn’t order it and says Manager said he will do something special so he would have send it but he didn’t ordered it.

She says she very well know about him, he only ordered it and seeing her anger now putting the blame on Manager. She says he can’t sleep with her and tells him to stay away from her and sleep on the sofa and throws the pillow at him. He says they came for honeymoon and asks which husband sleeps on the sofa in his honeymoon. He tries to explain her but she doesn’t let him say anything and sleeps on the bed. He moves towards the sofa and curses the Manager.

Yuvraj reaches Preesha’s hotel with that Girl. He gets to know about Rudraksh room number from Manager and books next room for him. He informs that to her. She says she can finally meet Preesha and they moves towards their room. Next day, Preesha wakes up and notices that Rudraksh still sleeping and moves towards him.

She says he is looking so naive just like a kid while sleeping and kisses his cheek. She says she loves him but she won’t confess her love for next 10days and will torture him and will confess at last day and he has to tolerate it because he also tortured her a lot and says she knows that he didn’t ordered that champagne. In sleep, he says he loves her and locks her by putting his hand on her arms. She shocks with this.

Then he wakes up and hopes she forgot yesterday matter. She tells him to get ready because they have to leave for outing. He drags her and says honeymoon need to celebrate in the room. She says she came ooty first time so she has to visit all the places. She asks is he planning to lock her here in this room for 10days. She says if he wants he can accompany her otherwise she will go alone.

Mishka asks Ahana why stopped exercise before completing it. Ahana says she is not able to focus on it. She calls Yuvraj and asks what is he going to do to separate Preesha and Rudraksh. He says she can’t even imagine what he is going to do. That Girl snatches the mobile from Yuvraj and tells him to not tell anyone about her because she doesn’t want to create any problems for Preesha and she is here just to meet her.

Preesha says she wants to enjoy and Rudraksh was keep disturbing her with his antics. Then he starts to flirt with the girl to make Preesha jealous. She was about to leave from there and he stops her saying just now he started to enjoy and how can she leave from here. She says he thinks he is so smart but he is not and takes him for boating. Yuvraj and that Girl follows them. Preesha takes her revenge on Rudraksh by not holding his hand and asked another guy’s help.

Episode ends

Precap – Preesha shocks knowing Rudraksh left from ooty without her.

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