Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th December 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh thanks Yuvraj for helping him

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha says Rudraksh snatched everything from her by marrying her so today she snatched everything from him. She holds Yuvraj’s hand and says from now on she is going to live with Yuvraj happily. Rudraksh shatters hearing her and recalls every moments he shared with her. Mahima slaps Preesha and asks how can she do this for Rudraksh’s property also she didn’t thought about their parents saying she didn’t expected this from her.

Ahana says she expected this only from Preesha and she already warned everyone about her but no one believed her now she showed the real face of her. Balraj says even he didn’t expected this from Preesha and asks why she did this for property when she already knows that everything belongs to Saaransh only. Rudraksh gets confused hearing him and says Balraj was also part of her plan then why he is reacting like this now.

Balraj says she said she is going to do something so Saaransh can stay with them always but he was not aware that she is planning to betray them. Rudraksh says Preesha can break his heart and also can snatch everything from him but his most precious person is Saaransh and she can’t snatch him from him. Preesha says that’s not possible. He says he will show her how he is going to do that and says Preesha married Yuvraj so he is going to marry Mahima who is biological mother of Saaransh and by this Saaransh is going to live with him forever.

Mahima says she won’t marry him. He says says if she wants Saaransh then she has to marry him. She says she already has Saaransh. He says just for 6 months after that what will happen and blackmails her saying he will make her life miserable after 6months for separating Saaransh from him. She asks is he blackmailing her. He says he is giving last chance to her to get Saaransh permanently and tells her to think before making any decision. She says she can do anything for Saaransh so she is ready to marry him.

Preesha was about to say something but Mahima stops her saying everything happening because of her only. Rudraksh marries Mahima. He says he bought nuptial chain for Preesha as their anniversary gift but he didn’t thought she is going to betray him like this and says now it belongs to Mahima. Gopal comes there and asks Preesha what’s happening here. Mahima says now he can’t do anything and tells him that Preesha divorced Rudraksh to marry Yuvraj. She says she had to marry for Saaransh.

Preesha apologize to Gopal and says she will explain him everything later and leaves from there with Yuvraj saying she has lot of work to do. Ahana says Preesha snatched their property and Rudraksh is behind Saaransh. Later Rudraksh meets Yuvraj and shakes hand with him. They smiles at each other. Rudraksh says he never thought that he will say this to him and thanks him. Preesha comes there and hugs Rudraksh and apologize to him for hurting him. He says everything was their plan so she need not to apologize to him.

Episode ends.

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