Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th January 2020 Written Update: The ultimate face off between Rajeev and Yuvraj

Episode begins with Saransh to pressure that you want to go to make the medal for Yuvraj right now. However, Bubbles took him away from there and Vasudha asked the makeup artist and stylist to get Preesha ready for the marriage. Rajiv is loading soft toys and toys he brought for Saransh in his car and he gave his staff a letter to give it to Raman Bhalla. Please make sure that you give this letter to Aman only.

Rudraksha is trying to contact but he is getting unreachable. Rudraksha is calling him again and again when suddenly pics of the call with me also knows that his younger brother will get worried about him if he doesn’t take up the call now. Rajiv ask Rudraksh to start the concert and not to wait for him as he will be there as soon as his work is over. Balraj is so happy to see the show is getting housefull and so many people are gathered together.

Rudraksh comes on the stage and start singing and crowding problem while his helpers Bunty and others are also enjoying it to the fullest. Rudraksh comes to the stage and he starts to perform on sadda haq song. His family is enjoying the performance from a distance. he is done with his singing and the crowd burst out in clapping and cheering for him. Rajiv is hallucinating Saransh and calling him father, he feels good that we didn’t some days he will be with his son finally. Rajiv receives a message from Yuvraj and things in his mind that I will settle the scores with you.

imraj is asking his team members how was his performance and their says it was really nice. Rudraksha enquires from Bunty if the preparations are done properly? He says it is absolutely fine and ask them to go for the next song as soon as possible.

Yuvraj reach the golden tekari place and gets a bag full of money. He gets happy and when he searches the bag properly, realised that learn first and last notes of the bundle are real and the rest are all plane papers and he gets angry and kicked the bag in anger. The bag gets collided with Rajiv and Yuvraj gets shocked to see him there. He said to him that I want to settle scores with you, he slapped Yuvraj many times for playing with so many lives.

Rajeev says I already informed police and he will be here soon to arrest you and make sure I will file so many cases against you. Yuvraj gets panicked and says everything will be ruined if Rajiv did what he said then I will be finish. He then decides to kill of Rajiv so that he cannot do anything against him. Rajiv is walking on the streets and suddenly gets to cure the sound of a card running and in a sudden shock of the incident he gets told for something but then he drives in a corner side. In the house of Preesha, Vasudha welcomed guest and they are gossiping about Preesha.

The priest calls for the groom and the bride, GPS comes to call Yuvraj but he is shocked to find that he is not in his room. Vasudha brings Preesha to the wedding dias for marriage. GPS informed that Yuvraj is missing from his room and Preesha gets to hear it.

Precap – Preesha sees the CCTV footage and Yuvraj hits Rajeev with his car. Rudraksh gets a strange feeling while singing.