Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th July 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh collects proof against Balraj

Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th July 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rudraksh searches Balraj in guest room and gets angry more not finding him there. Sharda says he is not in their room too because he slept in guest room only. After not finding him in study room too Rudraksh confirms that Balraj is the kidnapper. Mishka praises Ahana’s idea of eating in restaurant and gets excited. They hides there hearing Preesha’s shout. Ahana says they have to wait till their drama ends. Preesha asks Rudraksh to think again before blaming Balraj. Rudraksh says he knows how Balraj is and what he can do. Niketan comes there and asks what’s happening.

Rudraksh was about to tell about Balraj but Preesha stops him and changes the topic. They gets to know that Balraj went to office from staff. Rudraksh says he can’t stay silent and leaves for office to talk to Balraj. Preesha follows him. Ahana says whole family became mad. Mishka says her hunger gone already seeing Preesha and Rudraksh together. She says the more she tries to separate them the more they gets close to each other.

Yuvraj recalls how he stoled the 10lakhs money from Gopal and thinks to know the current situation of him. He calls Vasudha and enquiries about Gopal. Vasudha cuts the call saying don’t disturb them again. Yuvraj believes Vasudha lying to him and suspects something is wrong definitely and he will get to know what’s wrong. Rudraksh asks why Preesha followed him. Preesha says Sharda was tensed that’s why. Watchman says Balraj didn’t come to office. Rudraksh asks him to open Balraj’s cabin.

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Balraj says now from here he can do everything which he wants to do and just have order the dress. Rudraksh acts like kissing Preesha when Watchman comes to the cabin. Watchman leaves from there without disturbing them. Preesha gets angry and was about to slap Rudraksh but he holds her hand. He shows her the tissue which he put as a wall in between them before kissing and asks her to calm down. She says even though tissue was there still he kissed her and scolds him. He gets to know that Balraj did online shopping for kid. He confirms his father only kidnapped Saaransh. Preesha says she can’t able believe that. She gets worry thinking about Saaransh’s condition. Saaransh is tied up in some dark place and Kidnapper makes him unconscious.

Rudraksh says they needs Balraj’s laptop to get more information to find Saaransh. And Preesha takes the laptop with her hiding from Watchman. Before she gets caught by Watchman Rudraksh hugs her and handles the situation. Preesha recalls the moments she shared with Saaransh and apologize to her sister for not taking care her son. Rudraksh too remembers the moments he shared with Saaransh and promise to his brother that he won’t let anything happen to Saaransh.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh tells Preesha that Balraj cancelled the order. Yuvraj promises to Vasudha that he will bring Preesha to her house so they can live together happily.