Yeh Hai Chahatein 17th March 2020 Written Update: Niketan gives his blessings to Rudraksh and Preesha

Episode begins with Preesha and Saransh making fun of Rudraksh because of his broken voice when they hear the sound of Niketan, it is coming from downstairs and it seems like he is very angry and hyper. without wasting a single time Rudraksha hurriedly rushed towards the hall of the area even Balraj comes there and tries to come down Niketan but he doesn’t listen to anybody.

Aahana asked Mishka to pretend like a sad person so that the effect of it on our father will be much bigger. Niketan asked Rudraksha when I already enquired to you about Preesha last night, you should have informed me that time only that she is none other than your wife and you are not married to my daughter Mishka. Rudraksh is unable to speak anything properly because of his broken voice but Preesha comes forward and gives reply on his behalf that he has no fault in all this and more of a he wants to speak the truth to him last night only but it was quite late and he was tired that is why Rudraksh kept quiet.

Niketan mockingly claps for her speech and says so you already know without much better than all of us? This progression is quite fast. He asks Preesha to come forward but she hesitates to do it. However she comes forward and stands in front of Mr Niketan and he keeps his hand on her head and blesses her for being a responsible wife and shows his trust in her that she will become a good daughter in law for this house as well.

Aahana and Mishka are not happy with this behaviour of their father but are not stopped Mishka from reacting at that moment. He says to Rudraksh that it is good that you didn’t marry my daughter because marriages which are based on unwillingness and forceful attempts can never bring happiness to the individual peoples who got engaged in it. Balraj says now that everything is sorted, let us have some breakfast together. Balraj is talking to an event organiser over the phone then he suddenly slips down due to a toy car of Saransh and he gets angry again.

Preesha goes to schools of that area along with Saransh to get him and admission. Everybody likes the academic papers of Saransh but when they starts to take his interview him about his family he starts to speak about everything in a go which resulted in no admission in most of the schools. On other side Yuvraj comes to the house of Preesha to pretend as if he is very guilty in front of Vashuda and GPS. They get angry the moment they see Yuvraj in their house and both of them slams him on his face.

Preesha is coming back after a day full of trying to get her son admitted in school and is talking to her mother over the phone. Saransh suddenly noticed that Balraj is in a pastry shop with an example and he informed Preesha about the same. precious to him that it is our time to go back home and we will talk about it from your grandfather later. She tries to stop herself from thinking about the site of witnessing Balraj and the secretary of Niketan Natasha together.

Rudraksh notices that Saransh is sitting sadly in his room and he tries to find out why he is being so sad. Sharan sales to Rudraksh today I went for school admissions with my mother but no one is ready to give me admission because I told them the entire truth about you and my mother and how you two are always arguing with each other. He also says to Rudraksh that finally I got admitted in school but the school was not up to the mark as per my previous school and that is why I am sad. Rudraksh decided to have a word with Preesha because Saransh is his elder brother’s son so he deserves to read in a top most school of this city.

Precap – Balraj arranges a press conference for Rudraksh. however he is not able to speak properly so Preesha says in front of all I can be his voice for the press conference interview.