Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th February 2020 Written Update: Preesha is taken to hang her till death


Episode begins with Saransh entered the room where all the jewelries and the dress for the marriage are kept. Saransh is trying to find out a way to stop the wedding because for him Rudraksh is cheating with his mother.

Saransh kept a balloon filled with coloured water inside the dress and is about to leave the room when Mishka comes there and she asked him what he is doing in the room? He says to have I was looking for my room but I came here by mistake.

Mishka senses something is fishy and she goes to check her wedding dress and finds out there is a water balloon inside it. As soon as she holds it very tightly it burst on her hand and the colour splashed all over her face. She gets angry on and she goes to Ahana complaints against Saransh.

Ahana is scolding Saransh when Rudraksh comes there and ask his sister in law that what is wrong with you people? Ahana says to him that Saransh did messed up the wedding dress of my sister Mishka and also he is responsible for the face problem of my sister as well, now how will she said for the marriage with this attire and with this face?

Ahana is going to punish Saransh but Rudraksh saves him and says I will bring a better and an expensive lehenga for Mishka so that she can wear it in the marriage but no one will dare to say anything to Saransh and he went away from their along with Saransh.

Saransh is missing his mother when pressure gets and intuition in the jail that her son is calling him up and she needs to be with him. The jailor informs her that today is your last day and time has come for you to get hanged.

Preesha says it was my wish to see my son Saransh at least once.  The jailor called Rudraksh but he denies to let Preesha talk to Saransh because for him that will be the most painful death for pressure just like the way his brother Rajiv died. He says to her that even my brother wants to meet Saransh and he even bought toys for him but you didn’t let him meet.

Hence, I will also not let you hear or meet Saransh at all. Rudraksha goes ahead for marriage with Mishka and Ahana is happy to see that her plan to grab the property and the business of khuranas is getting fulfilled.

Ahana brings Mishka down for marriage, Rudraksh is already present there for taking the rounds. Preesha is taken to hang as she says to them that she has no wish left to fulfill and they can hang her till Saransh thinks what he can do as a son so that his mother gets justice and this marriage can get stopped.


Precap – Preesha gets released by the law and she comes to Khurana house to claim her son Saransh.