Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th June 2021 Written Update: Preesha informs Vasudha about Armaan’s proposal

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Vasudha asks Rudraksh to promise that he won’t tell anyone about his and Preesha’s past. He promises to her. She tells him that she can understand that he is in pain but hiding the truth is good for everyone and tomorrow he will leave Goa so till then only he need to act. He thinks that he is not leaving Goa but don’t want to hurt her by telling this. On the other hand, Uncle asks Armaan that when the latter is going to propose Preesha. Armaan tells him that he didn’t got the right chance but he will propose her today no matter what. He goes to his room and takes ring from the drawer.

Sulochana calls Rudraksh and tells him that she and Sharda doing well and asks him about Devika’s family. Preesha goes to Rudraksh. Devika also follows her. Rudraksh tells Sulochana that he met Devika’s brother and her sister in law. Devika takes the mobile from him and goes aside to talk to Sulochana. Preesha asks Rudraksh that why he lied to Devika he has feelings for her and why he decided to stay in Goa. He tells her that he really has feelings for Devika. She accuses him saying that he is playing with Devika’s feelings and there is no love for Devika in his eyes.

He tells her that he just hates her and asks her that can she see hatred for her in his eyes and why she has problem with his new life when she has new life. She pushes him. Vasudha overhears their conversation. Armaan asks Preesha that what happened. Preesha lies to him. Devika returns the mobile to Rudraksh. Rudraksh praises Devika’s perfume smell. Preesha leaves from there and Armaan follows her and tells her that he has surprise for her and takes her alone.

He tells her that she changed his life and he knows that they are best friends but he don’t know that when his feelings changed. She shocks seeing the decorations. He tells her that she is his everything now and he can’t imagine a life without her and confesses that he loves her and asks her that will she marry him. He tells her that he knows that she would not have expected this from him but he wanted to confess his feelings to her and asks her to say something.

She recalls that how Rudraksh talked about his new life. He asks her that why she is not saying anything. She runs from there without saying anything. She cries recalling Armaan’s proposal and asks God that why he is punishing her like this because now she can’t move on and can’t go back to her past too.

Rudraksh searches Armaan and Preesha. He learns that Preesha won’t return to the party and tells Devika that he is tired so he want to sleep. He sees Preesha coming that way and tries to get close to Devika and compliments her. Preesha gets jealous and interrupts them and takes Devika from there. Rudraksh confirms that still Preesha gets jealous seeing him with some other girl.

Preesha advices Devika to not get close to Rudraksh. Devika leaves from there saying that she trust Rudraksh. Vasudha tells Preesha that Rudraksh moved on in his life but why the latter punishing herself like this. Preesha informs her about Armaan’s proposal.

Episode ends.

Precap – Armaan apologize to Preesha for confessing his feelings to her. Rudraksh asks Armaan’s permission to marry Devika.

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