Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th May 2021 Written Update: Saaransh accepts Sunny as his brother

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Preesha says to Rudraksh that Saaransh still avoiding her and she made mistake by not convincing him yesterday itself and today he is not even looking at her. He says to her that everything will be fine. She tells him that from the time Sunny came, their problems keep increasing and Saaransh’s insecurities also keep increasing. Rudraksh hugs her without saying anything. Sunny overhears their conversation and thinks if Rudraksh throw him out of the house then Yuvraj’s plan will be spoiled.

Rudraksh takes Preesha with him and makes her sit and says to her that brothers fights like this. She tells him that Saaransh didn’t accept Sunny yet. He tells her that Saaransh needs more time to accept Sunny and as a parents they will love them equally and asks her to not stress herself by thinking about all this.

Vasudha and Sharda tries to convince Saaransh saying that he did wrong by saying that he hates Preesha. He tells them that he don’t hate Preesha but he said that to hurt her because she is keep hurting him. Sharda asks him that when Preesha hurted him. He tells her that now Sunny is everything for Preesha and she just love him. Sharda says to him that Saaransh made Preesha cry.

Vasudha says to Sharda that Preesha said to her once that she loves Saaransh the most in the world. Saaransh says to them that Preesha forget him and none understanding him but just taking Preesha’s side and leaves from there. He thinks everything happening because of Sunny.

Sunny tells Preesha’s statement to Yuvraj. Yuvraj says to him that Preesha won’t throw him out of the house. Saaransh sprays red paint on Sunny’s toys and bed. Sunny shocks seeing everything and runs from the room. Preesha says to Rudraksh that she has to convince Saaransh today itself no matter what and she wasted enough time already.

Sunny puts banana peel on the way to hurt Saaransh and calls Saaransh saying that Sharda calls him. Preesha comes from other side and moves towards Saaransh without seeing the banana peel and fell down. Saaransh shocks seeing blood on her head and starts screaming. Sunny thinks now Rudraksh will throw him out of the house definitely if he get to know that he throw banana peel there.

Everyone comes there hearing Saaransh’s screams. Rudraksh notices the banana peel and they takes Preesha inside. Yuvraj notices Sunny and goes to him. Sunny reveals that he throw the banana peel for Saaransh. Yuvraj asks him to not do like that again.

Rudraksh treats Preesha’s wound. Saaransh cries seeing Preesha. Preesha informs him about Reema’s death and says to him that Sunny has none except them. Rudraksh says to him that Preesha didn’t slept in last 2 days because Saaransh was angry with her. Saaransh apologize to Preesha.

Preesha also apologize to him. He tells her that she need not to apologize because she is world’s best mother and hugs her. Rudraksh joins them for hug. Preesha asks Sunny to join. Saaransh asks him to join saying that he is his brother ( Title song plays in the background ).

Later, Sulochana curses Preesha for spoiling their plan. Mishka scolds Saaransh. Yuvraj reveals that it’s Sunny who throw banana peel there. Sulochana scolds him. Yuvraj says to them that he knows what he has to do next.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sulochana says to Rudraksh that Sunny left the house because of Preesha. Sonia asks Rudraksh to come to jungle to rescue her saying that she came out to search Sunny.

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