Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th November 2020 Written Update: Rudraksh reaches Khurana mansion with that mysterious Lady

Yeh Hai Chahatein 18th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Yuvraj notices that Lady’s luggage is missing and calls her but she doesn’t attends his call. He says she left him without informing and wonders now what he will do because he does not have any money, he thought he can enjoy this trip freely. He packs his clothes and comes out of the room.

Preesha was keep calling Rudraksh and thinks what if he left any note for her in room and goes to check that. She searches in her room but doesn’t find anything, she gets worried what will happen if her family get to know about it and suddenly thinks maybe he would have informed them already and calls Sharda to confirm it. Vasudha and Sharda was preparing laddus. Vasudha tells Sharda that Preesha loves laddus so she used to make for it and she will love these ones too. Sharda says that’s why she invited her here. Ahana and Mishka comes there and tells the Servant to bring green tea. Ahana mocks Vasudha for coming to Khurana mansion again and again.

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Vasudha was about to taunt her but controls herself for Sharda and says this her daughter’s in law’s house that’s why she is coming here again and again, and says if her mother was alive then she would have done the same. Sharda tells Ahana that she only invited her to make laddus for Preesha and she is here to help her. She gets call from Preesha and tells Ahana to put her mobile on speaker. Preesha was about to tell her about Rudraksh but she was keep interfering and asks is Rudraksh torturing her there too. She asks did Rudraksh came there or informed her anything about where he is going.

Sharda says she doesn’t know anything and says seems like Preesha pranking her. Preesha says she is serious, Rudraksh is not here with her and tells her everything. Sharda tells her to not worry and says he will be there only if not he would have came here for work so she will ask Balraj about it then will inform her. Vasudha and Sharda goes to Balraj. Mishka says Rudraksh left Preesha without informing her when they were in their honeymoon and gets happy.

Ahana smiles saying Yuvraj would be behind this miracle. Mishka tells her to call him and asks what he did. Ahana calls him and says she knows that Rudraksh missing and asks what he did. Yuvraj realises that Lady is behind this and tells Ahana that he did nothing and disconnects the call. Preesha asks the Receptionist to show the CCTV footage saying she wants to see who met Rudraksh and where he went. Manager tells her that their CCTV is not working and gives letter to her. She notices there is a note with her flight ticket.

In that letter, Rudraksh apologized to her for leaving without informing but it was necessary for him to act like that and their life going to change so he will explain her everything once she reaches home. She calls Sharda and tells her that Rudraksh mentioned in his letter that he is going to home and says so he will there. Servant informs Sharda that Rudraksh is here. Preesha hears her and gets relieved. Mishka hugs Rudraksh. Ahana says he scared them. Balraj says Preesha told them everything. Sharda scolds him for leaving Preesha alone there.Balraj asks him to say something.

Rudraksh says something unexpected and complicated thing happened so he is not getting how to explain them. That Lady enters the mansion. Vasudha comes there and shocks seeing her. Yuvraj was blabbering saying his savings money gone because of that Lady and thinks what if she is with Rudraksh now. Preesha sees Yuvraj and scolds him for following her. He says she is not owner of Ooty and says it’s just an coincidence and asks about Rudraksh. When she said he went back for work, Yuvraj mocks him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rudraksh waits for Preesha but she doesn’t sees him so he follows her to stop her.

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