Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th February 2020 Written Update: Preesha gets cleanchit from the murder case

Episode begins with Preesha is put the rope around her neck and she prays to God to look after her kid Saransh and parents well being. At the end moment, GPS and Vasu are entering the premises and they handover the jailor the letter of the case reopening, the jailor instructed not to hang Preesha.

They released her and GPS said to her we are opening your case again and this time there is a much experienced judge for your case. GPS says to get saved from this you have to speak up the truth in the court. The more you will hide the truth, things will get more complicated. Yuvraaj gets a message from GPS and he gets to know the court case of Preesha is reopened.

Yuvraj gets angry that somehow this person able to save his daughter but he didn’t save me. Suddenly, he thinks if Preesha is saved then I can still get the custody of Saransh. He goes to attend the court hearing of Preesha. Saransh is feeling depressed to think what to do next to stop the wedding of Rudraksh. Preesha was taken to the court for hearing. She was asked by the judges why you are taking the blame on you?

Did you really hit Rajiv which caused him dead. She says that it was me who hate him twice when the judge says that it is a false statement because he was hitted by the car not once or twice but multiple times so your earlier statement and this one is not matching at all, hence proved that you are speaking lies. Saransh hold a dog and brings him inside the marriage Hall so that he can create mess and the marriage gets called off. On the other side, Preesha got free from the case with proven innocent and the case was reopened and instructed to investigate about it from a new beginning.

Rudraksh asks Saransh why are you shouting monkey? Where it is but Saransh said I am calling the dog as monkey only. Rudraksh smiles and asks the guest to keep calm as the mess will be cleared soon. Saransh feels his plan to stop the wedding failed again. Ahana thinks what is making Rudraksh defend Saransh so much that he is keep on insulting me in front of all just because of this small kid.

Precap: Preesha comes to the Khurana house to take back Saransh with her and Saransh says in front of everybody that Preesha and Rudraksh are already married.