Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th February 2024 Written Update: Arjun tricks Kaashvi

Yeh Hai Chahatein 19th February 2024 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kaashvi cut her finger while cutting onions. Sunaina goes to her and helps her. Kaashvi thinks that she is feeling weird. Sunaina tells Kaashvi that she just helped the latter. She says that she will bring first aid box. Kaashvi tells Sunaina that no need of that. Sunaina says that she is nurse and she will take care of Kaashvi. She scolds Kaashvi for doing kitchen works. She says that Aditya should do all the works and she bandage Kaashvi’s wound. Kaashvi thinks that she is getting loved one feeling from Sunaina. Arjun thinks that he is glad he can spent time with Kaashvi.

They hears door bell knocking sound and they goes to door. Arjun gets shocked seeing Karun there. He hope Karun don’t recognize him. Kaashvi takes Karun inside. Arjun decides to overhear their conversation. Kaashvi asks Karun that why he came alone when it’s dangerous. Karun tells her that it’s important to talk to her. She realises that Karun is hungry. Sunaina overhears their conversation. Sushma calls Sunaina for massage.

Kaashvi notices Sunaina and sends Sunaina to Sushma. Sunaina goes to Sushma. Sushma scolds Sunaina for coming late. Sunaina tells sorry to Sushma. She says that she will do massage very well and pours hot oil. Sushma tells Sunaina to stop it and she screams in pain. She says that she will tell Aditya to hire another nurse. Sunaina says that she won’t do any mistake again. She pleads Sushma to not fire her.

Karun tells Kaashvi that Arjun went for mission on her behest. He says that Mahima said Kaashvi is separating Arjun from family but he don’t think Kaashvi can do anything like that. He adds that he loves Arjun so much. Kaashvi wonders where Arjun went because she did not send Arjun to any mission. She asks him to not worry because she did not send Arjun to any mission. She says that there is a possibility that Aditya sent Arjun for a mission. Karun says that he want his parents to live like normal parents. Kaashvi nods at him. She thinks that she is right that Arjun is neglecting his family and she decides to talk to Arjun. Arjun tries to find out why Karun came but Kaashvi does not answer anything.

Aditya returns home and asks Kaashvi about Sushma. Kaashvi tells him that Sushma is feeling better because Sunaina is taking care of Sushma very well. She asks him that whether he sent Arjun for any mission. He tells her that he did not send Arjun anywhere. Arjun overhears their conversation.

Kaashvi calls Arjun and hears Arjun’s phone ringing sound. She goes out and finds Sunaina talking to someone with a call. Sunaina says that she was talking to her mother. Later, Kaashvi decides to visit Arjun’s home. Arjun reaches his home before Kaashvi. Kaashvi asks him that for which mission he went. He tells her that she don’t have any rights.

Episode ends.

Precap – Karun faints seeing Arjun and Mahima’s fight.

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